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December 2014

2014 – The Start of Something Special

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whole treeWe’re coming to the end of the 2014, but for us all in the CEL UK office, we feel we’re just at the beginning of something really, really amazing.tree2

This year has been a hard slog – our tiny team has worked tirelessly to launch one of the world’s most anticipated 3D printers to market, with pretty pleasing results so far.

We’re delighted to have secured support from some of the UK’s best names in the 3D printing and technology industry; from Farnell Element 14, to Maplin, Novatech, CREAT3D, PrintMe3D, 3D-PrintWorld and The Gadget Show to name but a few.

Internationally, Robox is getting as much acclaim as it is in the UK, with the likes of Stampede, Conrad Group, Dynamism and Wiltronics all stocking the Robox.

Coverage of the product to date has been tremendous, so a big shout out to Diffusion PR for their help in this.

Who’d have thought just over a year ago that the likes of the Daily Telegraph, the Times, Yahoo! and GQ Magazine would all be recommending the Robox as the ultimate buy this Christmas?
When we look back across the year it’s hard to take it all in.

Over the past 12 months we have appeared in 81 publications both online and in print, we’ve successfully completed our Kickstarter campaign with 3 times the expected funding, our UK team has doubled in size, we’ve moved to an office and warehouse twice the square footage of our original office, we’ve attended three of the world’s most popular trade shows and we already have around 6,000 Robox units in circulation across the world.tree3

So what’s for 2015? Next year looks to be a busy one – we will be focussing our attentions on fine-tuning the software, training more staff so that we can provide a top notch service to our new and existing customers and making new developments with the hardware as we move towards making the Robox a multi-fu nctional unit.

All that remains to be said is a massive THANK YOU to everyone who has bought a Robox so far, and by doing so, supporting us and everythingwe stand for. We appreciate that you have spent your hard earned cash on a constantly evolving and ever-changing purchase, and in doing so you have taken one step into the future.

And finally, we would like to wish you all a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR, here’s to a great 2015.


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We at CEL UK are aware that as with any new product, new Robox customers may have teething problems with their unit and therefore need support from our team.

Largely due to the huge excitement and anticipation about the launch of the Robox, we are experiencing a higher volume of sales than we could ever have hoped for.

While this is wonderful news, it does also mean that service enquiries have also risen at a substantial rate.

For some people who have never owned a 3D printer before, simple questions are being raised such as ‘how do I print something?’ or ‘how do I calibrate my machine?’

Others have more complex issues with software or hardware, and these tickets will naturally take longer to respond to.

We are doing everything we can at CEL to make sure our customers are looked after, and our aim is to respond to tickets within one working day. However, this is not currently always possible and if you have waited longer for a response we apologise and ask you to bear with us.

We’re currently training new members of staff, with more due to start in January – pretty soon our service team will have tripled in size to cope with the volume of service enquiries.

For now, we are treating all customers as fairly as possible by only responding to enquiries which come in via our service portal – This IS the fastest way to get a response, and please ONLY LOG ONE TICKET otherwise you are likely to fall to the back of the queue.

In the first instance, please browse our trouble shooting tips on our support portal, as you may find your question is easily answered without any interaction with our team.

If you are unable to find answers, please log one ticket with as much information as possible. Tell us who you are, where you bought your Robox, exactly what the problem seems to be, and accompany with photographs if you can.

During the Christmas period delays may be slightly longer than usual – please be mindful that even CEL staff deserve a little holiday every now and then; our families haven’t seen us for quite some time so we need to remind them who we are!

Our goal for 2015 is to have a slick, quick support system in place; in the meantime we are grateful for your patience and understanding.

Finally, a huge thank you to all of you who have invested in the Robox.


Robox press coverage December 2014

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What can we print?

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There is one question everyone in the CEL head office is very familiar with as it’s what we get asked in every business meeting, and at every trade show – “What can we print with the Robox?”

We give the standard line each time; look around the house, see what you can fit onto a piece of A5 paper, and that’s what you can print on the Robox. The capabilities are endless, you can print cake cutters, utensils, candle holders, coat hooks, key rings, vases, iPhone cases, children’s toys, Christmas decorations, door handles and so on. And until recently, spouting this list would have been the only way to illustrate just what you can do with a Robox.

But now the 3D printer has found its way into the hands of ‘real people’ – and not just the geeks, inventors and engineers who live and breathe the Robox night and day – we are seeing more and more designs appear online which illustrate brilliantly what you can print.

For starters, it’s great to see people personalising their own equipment to complement their new printer; we are seeing customised Robox spool holders, and various ways of holding the Robox cleaning tools such as boxes and snowball holders. We’ve even spotted a brilliant reel which fits onto the Robox 3D printer.

robox spool holderspool holder 2
Robox spool holder . A customised version of the for Colorfabb spools.

robox cleaning tools
Box for cleaning tools Houses the four tools which come with the Robox printer.

Snowball 2Snowball 1
Snowball Cleanup tool holder – The Snowball is designed to hold the four clean up tools that come with the Robox.

robox reel 2Robox reel
Robox reel – Instead of having third party reel holders on the side of the printer you can put your samples or favorite filament onto a reel that fits in Robox printer.

What is really interesting is seeing how creative some people can be with their new technology. Below are some great examples of how the Robox can be used to customise objects for the user’s own purpose:

arm micro mount 2arm micro mount
Hobbyist ‘fijter’, who is fast becoming one of Robox’s biggest supporters, has created his own parametric IKEA arm microphone shock mount –

Another Robox user decided to develop an adapter which makes it possible to connect standard soda bottles directly to a Sodastream carbonator –

pill boxpill box 2#
And we were impressed with this little mortar and pestle which one of customers designed to make it easier to crush their pills each day –

These are just some of the ways people are using their Robox units to customise prints and design things as and when they need them for the home. But not everyone who is considering purchasing a 3D printer will have the capability to design their own prints, which is why websites like and are a great place to look for things to 3D print quickly and easily. Both libraries are packed to the rafters with ideas and designs which can be downloaded to the computer, and printed on the Robox.