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November 2015

100% of Robox users recommend Robox in the 3D hubs 2016 printer guide

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Here at CEL, we’ve received some great news this week! The Robox has topped the Plug and play category at joint number 1 in 3D Hubs 2016 printer guide scoring a rating of 9.0 out of 10!

ScreenHunter_73 Nov. 26 11.21

Thank you to all of our customers who took part in the 3D hubs 2016 printer guide survey who gave us such great reviews, here’s a few of our favorite snippets

'This is the best of all the printers I have used. Great support with a real warranty.'

They have great support and community which helped me a lot when something goes wrong.

The latest major software update unleashed immense improvements in print quality and the upcoming Dual Material Head will be a game changer.

It's a great machine to have by my side. Offering great value for money and I can't stop making on it.

One of the most advanced and innovative printers on the market. Great value and really high quality and precise prints, thanks to the 0.3mm nozzle.


Whilst we lost out on build volume and reliability (despite our score of 8.5), we scored highly on print quality, ease of use and over all value for money!

ScreenHunter_72 Nov. 26 11.20

You can check out the Robox in the guide here and find us on 3D hubs here.

100% of the current Robox owners questioned said they would recommend the Robox to a friend. Well if you do this right now, and they buy a Robox, you’ll be able to snag yourself some free filament!

To claim your filament – Get the serial number and details of the place and date of purchase from your friends new Robox, send it along with your own serial number to us using the contact form. Please copy this information into the message section of the form and complete the missing fields:


Postal address:
My Robox serial number:
Friends Robox serial number:
Friends place of purchase:
Friends date of purchase:

Please note that we may stop or alter this offer at any time without notice. This offer will only apply to Robox units purchased from Sept 8 2015 onward from official Robox sellers. Vouchers may only be used as described and will need to be used within 14 days of receipt. Other offers will not be valid in conjunction with this offer. We reserve the right to limit the number of vouchers in any way. No compensation is offered or implied for unused vouchers or any other event surrounding this offer.

So what are you waiting for? Get recommending and get 3Dhubbing!!


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Thinking of buying a Robox, or another 3D printer, but not sure if you really need one? Then read our guide to help you make your decision.

Here at Robox we are the first to acknowledge that 3D printing is not for everyone, and unlike many other manufacturers of this exciting new technology, we’ll also be the first to dissuade you from buying our printer if we don’t think it’s for you.

A year ago we may have said differently, but a year on from the launch of the Robox 3D printer and we’re a little wiser about our customer base and who will and won’t benefit from owning a 3D printer right now.

Our conclusion is that while 3D printing IS making its way gradually towards the masses it’s still a long way off – and while the Robox printer is closer to being suitable for mainstream consumers than any other on the market we’ve still some way to go.

Don’t actually know what 3D printing is?

Then buying a 3D printer definitely isn’t for you. Don’t buy a 3D printer because it’s the latest must-have gadget and you want to see what the hype is all about, because hype soon wears off and you’ll be stuck with a purchase you never really wanted to make.

ColorFabb_XT_tinkerplay_dino_front-copyAre you a dinosaur when it comes to technology?

Do you still own an old Nokia 3210 mobile phone, and dismiss the latest smart phones as a fad? Do you feel the kitchen calendar is a more reliable way of tracking the family’s movements than the home computer? And do you long for the days when watching television meant tuning into four simple channels and to record the latest episode of Corrie you simply popped a video cassette into the VCR? In that case, we’d suggest moving forwards with some of the other technology in your house before investing your hard earned cash into one of the newest technologies currently on the market.

If your computer crashes are you more likely to opt for ‘impact technology’ (beating the cr*p out of it), phone your dad in a panic (because you literally have no idea what you are doing), or take it back to the shop (because it’s a pile of cr*p obviously)?

If you fit any of these descriptions DO NOT buy a 3D printer. We want our purchasers to be lovers of technology, and not go into a meltdown at the slightest hiccup. Remember, 3D printing is a NEW technology, every single machine on the market fails at printing sometimes and finding a fix can be part of the enjoyment. If your computer crashes and you a) try to sort it out yourself by reading the instructions or b) phone customer service for help, you might just be ready to buy some new tech.

When you have some spare time on your hands are you more likely to gravitate towards the pub with your mates, the arts and crafts cupboard with your kids or the sofa with your partner?

3D printing is perfect for anyone who loves to use their hands, and who gets pleasure out of model making, designing, painting, drawing, sculpting and so on. If you’re the sort of person who loves nothing more than welding together bits of scrap or sifting through the recycling bin for plastic bottles and cardboard boxes for the kid’s latest homework project, 3D printing is likely to be right up your street. What’s more, the children will probably understand and want to use the tech quicker than you!

Are you familiar with the terms ‘filament’, ‘support material’, ‘raft’ and ‘guide hole’?

Think a ‘raft’ is something you float in and a guide hole is where Girl Scouts hide? Then perhaps you’re not quite ready to enter the world of 3D printing. However, if you’re genuinely interested in the technology, and you’re not willing to let a few confusing words put you off, you’ll learn fast if you read the instructions which come with your unit. You might also benefit from reading a handy glossary such as the CEL glossary of terms or

Exploded-Assembly_overlay-for-websiteDo you worry you’ll have no idea what to print?

Well, this doesn’t necessarily mean you shouldn’t buy a 3D printer.   Look around your home right now, if, in the next 10 minutes you can identify more than 10 things you think you could print, you might just be the perfect 3D printer owner. And if you’re still at a loss (what about those door handles, coat hooks, cup holders, pen pots, cookie cutters?) why don’t you try looking at an online repository such as which has tried and tested objects suitable for printing and free to download! Or visit our own Printables page.

If you’ve read through the above, and you’re sure you still want a 3D printer for your home, here’s our final tip:


£999 is a lot of money right? It’s not an impulse buy, it’s a considered purchase, so don’t buy any 3D printer on a whim. Do your homework, work out what you want, read guides such as which compares over 20,000 printers over 150 countries each month (Robox comes 6th this month in case you’re wondering).

And then if you’re still not sure, or have any questions about the Robox 3D printer in particular, contact us and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.