3D printing: Australian researchers create jet engine, breakthrough captures attention of Airbus and Boeing – www.abc.net.au

By February 26, 2015Stuff and Things

So maybe we aren’t all creating jet engines but this article shows how powerful a 3D printer can be as a development tool.

I particularly liked this quote, after describing the original process, Ian describes how much easier it is to achieve a lot more with a 3D printer:

“This way we can very quickly get a final product, so the advantages of this technology are, firstly, for rapid prototyping and making a large number of prototypes quickly.” -Professor Ian Smith, Monash University’s vice-provost for research.

The full article is on the ABC news site here http://www.abc.net.au/news/2015-02-26/australian-researchers-create-first-3d-jet-engine/6262462

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