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3D printing: Australian researchers create jet engine, breakthrough captures attention of Airbus and Boeing –

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So maybe we aren’t all creating jet engines but this article shows how powerful a 3D printer can be as a development tool.

I particularly liked this quote, after describing the original process, Ian describes how much easier it is to achieve a lot more with a 3D printer:

“This way we can very quickly get a final product, so the advantages of this technology are, firstly, for rapid prototyping and making a large number of prototypes quickly.” -Professor Ian Smith, Monash University’s vice-provost for research.

The full article is on the ABC news site here

The Gadget Show Live 2015

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CEL will be exhibiting Robox and our Power Tool Range at The Gadget Show Live at Birmingham NEC, UK between 7th and 12th April 2015.

Come and visit us at stands R50 and R60 right in the middle of it all.


Stick with it… 3D Printing – Print Bed Coating Materials. Part 1 –

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I’ve just described RichRap to a colleague as “The Man” when it comes to 3D printing knowledge. His blogs and resources are 2nd to none in terms of content and clear descriptions.

He describes himself thus:

“Richard Horne (RichRap) is an Electronics Engineer, Product Designer, Salesman, and Problem Solver working in a wide range of industries and applications, across many platforms and technologies for the last 20 years.”

Rather than copy his blog in here I encourage you to take a look at some of Rich’s reports on different print surfaces, there is a link below. Robox ThermoSurface (PEI) even gets a mention:

“I recently tested out PEI as a (heated) bed material (sample courtesy of Robox) , this is quite expensive but does work very well with almost all existing thermoplastic materials being used for home 3D Printing today. I highly expect many more 3D printer manufacturers to adopt the use of removable PEI sheets as the next generation build platform, for home and consumer machines.”

It is funny to see any of our build parts described as “expensive” considering the price of our plug and play competitors but it is true that our ThermoSurface performs very well.

The link below describes many solutions to sticking prints to the bed, Robox uses ThermoSurface which is a re-usable removeable print surface which does not need any bed coatings, sprays, glues, tapes or even much maintenance. With ThermoSurface you just wipe it down after a few prints using some Isopropyl Alcohol (common IPA). No repairs, no scraping, no glue residues.



Adding a ‘3D print’ button to animation software –

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A 3D printer is another tool that is making amazing things easier. This article describes work by a Harvard Uni team who have created software to easily print pose-able figures from their animation software, even animating creatures created in free form design games.

This team of computer graphics experts developed a software tool that achieves two things: it identifies the ideal locations for the action figure’s joints, based on the character’s virtual articulation behavior, and then it optimizes the size and location of those joints for the physical world. For instance, a spindly arm might be too thin to hold a robust joint, and the joints in a curving spine might collide with each other if they are too close.

The software uses a series of optimization techniques to generate the best possible model, incorporating both hinges and ball-and-socket joints. It also builds some friction into these surfaces so that the printed figure will be able to hold its poses.

CEL Robox placed in “Top 50 Product Design and Product Development Blogs” – Pannam

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Pannam, a leading producer of customized, U.S.-designed and U.S.-made user interface membrane keypads, switches and integrated membrane assemblies. Has put us on their list of “Top 50 Product Design and Product Development Blogs”

You can see the full list here:

(Note: The list is in random order; the tools are not necessarily ranked or rated in order of quality or importance. The aim is to recognize some of the best, most useful product design and development blogs among the many design-oriented blogs available.)

Robox press coverage November 2014

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