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100% of Robox users recommend Robox in the 3D hubs 2016 printer guide

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Here at CEL, we’ve received some great news this week! The Robox has topped the Plug and play category at joint number 1 in 3D Hubs 2016 printer guide scoring a rating of 9.0 out of 10!

ScreenHunter_73 Nov. 26 11.21

Thank you to all of our customers who took part in the 3D hubs 2016 printer guide survey who gave us such great reviews, here’s a few of our favorite snippets

'This is the best of all the printers I have used. Great support with a real warranty.'

They have great support and community which helped me a lot when something goes wrong.

The latest major software update unleashed immense improvements in print quality and the upcoming Dual Material Head will be a game changer.

It's a great machine to have by my side. Offering great value for money and I can't stop making on it.

One of the most advanced and innovative printers on the market. Great value and really high quality and precise prints, thanks to the 0.3mm nozzle.


Whilst we lost out on build volume and reliability (despite our score of 8.5), we scored highly on print quality, ease of use and over all value for money!

ScreenHunter_72 Nov. 26 11.20

You can check out the Robox in the guide here and find us on 3D hubs here.

100% of the current Robox owners questioned said they would recommend the Robox to a friend. Well if you do this right now, and they buy a Robox, you’ll be able to snag yourself some free filament!

To claim your filament – Get the serial number and details of the place and date of purchase from your friends new Robox, send it along with your own serial number to us using the contact form. Please copy this information into the message section of the form and complete the missing fields:


Postal address:
My Robox serial number:
Friends Robox serial number:
Friends place of purchase:
Friends date of purchase:

Please note that we may stop or alter this offer at any time without notice. This offer will only apply to Robox units purchased from Sept 8 2015 onward from official Robox sellers. Vouchers may only be used as described and will need to be used within 14 days of receipt. Other offers will not be valid in conjunction with this offer. We reserve the right to limit the number of vouchers in any way. No compensation is offered or implied for unused vouchers or any other event surrounding this offer.

So what are you waiting for? Get recommending and get 3Dhubbing!!

The QuickFill comeback

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QuickFill is currently one of the most underutilized features of the Robox. The idea is that the Fine nozzle prints perfect perimeters, whilst the unseen infill is printed fast using the larger fill nozzle. The original Robox single material head has been designed entirely around this idea, with the ability to quickly switch between the fine and fill nozzles, both being fed the same material from the same extruder.

2 owl

Why was QuickFill removed from the default settings?

The simple answer is that we were not happy with the quality of output from the Robox when QuickFill was enabled. Artifacts being left after the fill nozzle closed meant that the parts didn’t look particularly good at all. It’s always been possible to create a custom QuickFill profile, but we don’t want to create a default that locks people into rubbish prints! With recent changes to the post processor, improved control over the needle valves, and a little bit of Maths thrown in for good measure, we’ve improved print quality and subsequently made QuickFill a viable tool once again.


What are the benefits of QuickFill?

QuickFill can speed up a print without sacrificing quality. If we use Slic3r to create parts, we can utilize a feature called ‘infill every # layers’. This allows for us to only print infill on a specified layer, in most cases, this is every third layer. The amount of time saved can depend entirely on the size of the part, a 25mm (1 inch) cube will take approximately 2hours and 20 minutes using the fine (100 micron) profile and 1 hours 50 minutes using a QuickFill profile combination of fine (100 micron) perimeters with fill nozzle infill every 3 layers. When printing something slightly larger, and more complex, QuickFill really comes into its own. The owl pictured below takes approximately 12 hours and 10 minutes, using the QuickFill profile combination of fine (100 micron) perimeters with fill nozzle infill every 3 layers, the owl only takes 5 hours and 10 minutes!

1 owl

When will I be able to select Quickfill in Automaker? Will it replace the default profiles?

We’re hoping to release the QuickFill profiles in an upcoming version of Automaker. We don’t intend to replace the default normal and fine profiles, instead we want to implement a Quickfill on/off slider, much like the Raft and support selections to provide options to those who want them. If you want to help us test our current QuickFill profiles, or you want to create your own, head over to our QuickFill Community Testing page on our forums here.

Tick Twist Tool – twister for removing ticks in a twisting, pulling motion aka tick puller

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As we’re in for an inundation of ticks this summer, we here at CEL have designed this handy tick twist too. So if you find a Tick on yourself, a family member or a beloved pet, you no longer have to put up with a tacky supermarket tick remover or wait days for amazon shipping. Just print this handy Tick twist tool and get it out asap!

Recommended settings;

Resolution: Normal or Fine
Infill: 20% – 40%
Material: ABS

It is very important that the first layer is printed at 0.1mm (100micon) or less.

Removing a Tick can be a tricky business, there are a few rules that need to be followed to prevent infection as advised by BADA UK;

  • The tick’s body must not be compressed, as this can force out saliva and gut contents which may contain disease-causing organisms.
  • The tick should not be irritated or injured, as this may result in it regurgitating (vomiting) saliva and gut contents along with any disease-causing organisms.
  • The mouth parts of the tick should be cleanly removed along with the rest of its body.
  • The tick should be removed without causing the host discomfort.

When removing the Tick, wear rubber or plastic gloves.

How to use the twister to remove ticks;

  1. Engage the tool by approaching the tick from the side (the body of the tick is flat when unfed) until it is held securely.
  2. Lift the tool very lightly and TURN IT (clockwise or counter-clockwise). The tick detaches itself after 2-3 rotations.
  3. After removing the tick, disinfect the bite site and wash hands with soap and water.
  4. You may want to save the tick for identification in case the person or animal the tick was attached to becomes ill within several weeks. To save the tick, write the date of the bite in pencil on a piece of paper and put it with the tick in a sealed plastic bag and store it in a freezer. Your doctor / vet can then identify that a tick bite has occurred and use this information to assist in making an accurate diagnosis.

iPhone 6+ Cup holder dock

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This iPhone 6 cup holder dock has been specially designed to work in conjunction with the Robox iPhone 6+ bumper case. No longer do you need to remove your case when plugging your phone into your dock, whether it be at your desk or in your car.

The dock sits tidily on your desk and most car/van cup holders, why not print two! The dock integrates the iPhone 6+’s charger comfortably.

Recommended Settings;

Resolution: Normal
Infill: 10 – 20%%
Material: PLA

Pebble watch strap V2

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Another CEL designed pebble watch strap printable on the Robox. Some Assembly Required!

Recommended settings;

Resolution: Normal or Fine
Infill: 10%
Material: ABS

We recommend 94 links to start with. Your watch strap may require more or less links depending on the size of your wrist. You will always need 1 x link latch and 8 x link blanks. The original spring pins from the Pebble were used to connect the straps to the watch itself. The links are held together with ABS filament fed through them. We recommend using 2mm bar for the part the latch clips on too.

Robox Carabiner

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This CEL designed Robox Carabiner is a nice, fast print and makes a great keyring. We must warn you though, this carabiner is not suitable for belaying your Robox!

Recommended settings;

Resolution: Fine
Infill: 20 – 30%
Material: ABS

When Printed in ABS, the carabiner has plenty of flex to open and close without showing signs of wear.

Pebble Watch Strap

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Its no surprise that we love technology here at CEL UK, and the only thing we love more is integrating 3D printing into our gadgets.

This Robox designed Pebble watch strap fits together using standard pebble 22mm 1.5mm diameter spring pins, making it easier to assemble and more secure than a push fit design.

The part pictured was printed using a material we have been testing in the office that changed colour from purple to pink when heated.

Recommended settings;

Resolution: Normal or Fine
Infill: 10 – 20%
Material: ABS