AutoMaker 1.01.03 – out now!

By April 1, 2015Software Updates

We’re pleased to announce that AutoMaker 1.01.03 is now ready for release.

This version adds the following key features and fixes a number of minor bugs.

The release includes an update to v721 of the firmware which includes…

  • Beta feature – double-tap the eject button to reprint the last job with a computer attached. We’re still working on this one…
  • Change in default steps per unit to improve part accuracy
  • Improvement in auto-levelling for long extrusions

AutoMaker updates…

  • Load Robox project files (from your CEL Robox/Projects directory) by dragging and dropping files onto the layout screen
  • Print job / firmware transfer speeds significantly increased
  • Resume failed data transfer added (allows unplug/replug during transfer)
  • Auto-display scale added for displays less than 800 pixels high
  • Fixed an issue when filament slip is detected during purge – options were switched over
  • STL load optimised
  • Language files updated for German, Finnish, Swedish, Japanese, Russian, Korean and Traditional Chinese – added Spanish
  • Added drag and drop for Robox project files
  • Fixed minor issues on About page – added copy buttons for serial numbers
  • Allow 1 decimal place for scaling operations
  • Fixed issue where print status disappears when filament is ejected and reloaded during a print

Safety Feature Control

You can now choose whether AutoMaker will insist on the door being closed before prints and cool down before opening the door.

Advanced Mode

One of the major changes in this release is the segregation of certain features into an advanced mode that must be enabled through the preferences panel.

When we first released AutoMaker many of the advanced functions were necessary to allow people to experiment with the printer. Robox and AutoMaker have evolved so that many people never need these features. In addition, users who aren’t aware of the consequences of making extreme changes to detailed configuration can shorten the life of some of the printer components inadvertently.

We believe we offer a market leading warranty and that continually improving the reliability of our product is essential. We also want a wide range of users to enjoy using their printer as we develop and grow the available functions that Robox provides.

Advanced mode allows experienced users to adjust settings and use custom filaments just as they could in previous versions. All we ask is that customers using advanced options read and accept our warranty terms and conditions.

That’s not to say we don’t want to allow people to access these controls – more that they aren’t needed by many users and shouldn’t be the first things they see.

So in summary – the warranty warning is really a ‘don’t abuse your machine’ kind of statement. Just like the kind of warranty statement you’d get with most products. We’ll always honour warranties where there is a manufacturing defect or where components fail in normal use.

That’s about it for 1.01.03. Your version of AutoMaker should automatically update, but here’s a link to the download page just in case:

We’re already working on the next release which includes features like raft controls, independent scaling and rotation of models and a time/cost display, so expect more updates over the next few weeks.




About Ian Hudson

Ian is the lead software engineer for Robox software such as AutoMaker and other commissioning tools.

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