AutoMaker update – 2.01.01

By June 15, 2016News, Software Updates

We’re pleased to announce that AutoMaker 2.01.01 is now available – this release should not only improve prints but also addresses some of the issues users have raised.

We do read all of your posts and look to include as many changes and fixes as we can. We’re guided by our customers so please keep your comments coming! AM 2.01.01 Forum

The main changes in this release are a completely revised estimated print time calculator – it is now (usually!) just a few minutes out for prints that take many hours, but do let us know if you find a model that gives you incorrect results.

The post-processor has been modified to improve small-section print quality. This improves the overall appearance of the majority of prints and we’re really pleased with the results we’re seeing.

We’ve also added the ability to create spiral prints and improved the support for multiple printers and removed the message telling you that AutoMaker is up-to-date.

The firmware now allows you to resume a print from an error state when you’re not connected to AutoMaker – pressing the flashing red eject button will attempt to resume the print. Connecting to a computer will help you diagnose a problem and may still be necessary in some circumstances.

We’re going to be working on lots of exciting changes over the coming weeks – but a couple of highlights are:

Beta tools – we’ll be introducing open Beta downloads so that anyone who is interested can try out early version of major features. The first of these will be the Robox Root, which will allow users to use their desktop AutoMaker to access and control printers connected to another device on the LAN (e.g. a Raspberry Pi).

Language updates – we’re very aware that the language packs are out of date and we’ll be working with our partners to consolidate languages over the coming weeks.

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Ian is the lead software engineer for Robox software such as AutoMaker and other commissioning tools.

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