Beta Pledges in Transit!

By April 22, 2014Kickstarter, News

So………they’re ready to ship!

For some of you, the wait is finally over! This morning the factory have shipped 60 printers and they are soon to be winging their way to our beta backers all over the world. They’re currently moving from the factory in China to Hong Kong where they will be air-freighted either direct to backers or to CEL HQ in the UK for distribution within Europe.

We intend to have the first release of AutoMaker available to Beta Backers before their hardware arrives. A link for download will appear in the private Beta section of the forum.

We’ve ironed out most of the hardware and software issues, and it’s now down to you guys to help us get this product to market in it’s finished form and to make it the best fused filament printer in the world. If any beta backers haven’t joined the forum, please do so ASAP at


We’ve also given them a good shaking to make sure you guys get them in one piece – all drop tests passed! (don’t worry this isn’t your printer!)

I know a lot of you have been disappointed with the frequency of updates from us as we’ve been going through these final stages, but we would like you guys understand, we are currently only a small team of four full time staff in the UK that are responsible for the Kickstarter campaign. We are also responsible for the mechanical and electronics design, software engineering and UX design, production issues and specifications, graphic design and packaging, the website, forum, social media / PR, exhibitions, procurement, user manuals, safety testing and EMC, responding to the emails and messages we receive every day, research and testing of hardware and software (plus the complications that come with all of them, especially as we are manufacturing Robox 1000s of miles away).

We’re pretty sure you’d rather we spent our time working as hard as we can on those issues rather than issuing an update to inform you of minor details.

Over the past few months our sales team has also been trying to set up distribution agreements with interested vendors all over the world to bring Robox closer to you. Once all of our Kickstarter pledges have shipped, we hope to have stock on the ground and on display in retail outlets and online in all major international markets.

One last reminder – Betas – Please try to keep all correspondence within the forum so that we can keep track of who has done what – we currently have a lot of contact points, and we’d like to try and keep you all in the same place. We look forward to hearing from you guys once you receive your Robox!

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  • Paul says:

    Any news on a Canadian distributor would be welcome 🙂

  • Pete says:

    We are still negotiating with distributors all over the world, we will create a page listing all the regional outlets we supply as soon as we have finalised contracts.

  • Hugh says:

    Any further updates for delivery times for other Kickstarter backers?? I am on the edge of my seat haha.

  • Anthony Majetic says:

    Hello All,

    Any status on Beta backers from Canada units. Waiting with utter excitement to get my hands on the unit, my coworkers are even excited to see it in action.


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