Robox on Kickstarter – Day 3

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Nearly there!

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to get a printer way before anyone else and at an excellent price. By pledging your support you will be able to help shape the way this printer is released to the world. We need your help to tune the specification, the software and even the content of the first production pieces.

If you already pledged, THANK YOU! We cant wait to send you a printer so you can see how great Robox is.

If you haven’t already shared our Kickstarter campaign with your friends please do, we need to keep momentum up!

Robox can fit into anyone’s life , business or hobby.

Vintage car enthusiasts – instead of searching for that left front wing mirror cover, PRINT ONE!
Xmas decorations boring? Make your own!
Dog chewed up the end of your laptop charger? Print a replacement!
Super hero party? Print a custom mask that actually fits, and a utility belt with double POW!!!
Train set a bit dull? Add some jumps and a loop the loop!
Key rings, key hangers, key covers, keys!
Custom Lego, dolls house furniture, scale models, rc cars, gifts!
Sculptures, moulds, trinkets, jewelry, hair decorations, fancy nails, tools!
Inventions, architecture, prototypes, medical apparatus, custom sports kit, mechanical parts, profit!

Robox is a tool that will save any design business a lot of time and money, but it can be so much for so many people. The world is changing and Robox will help to make it how you want it.


Robox on Kickstarter – Day 2

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What a day!  On Thursday this week, at one minute passed midnight, our Kickstarter campaign launched Robox to the world and what an exciting 2 days  it’s been!  A couple of highlights so far have been the articles with Engadget and Pocket-Lint [links below].


3D Printer: Robox 3D printer does it all

3ders: CEL introduces Robox 3D printer, a Robot in a box

Engadget: Robox is a Robot in a box that’s ‘not just a 3D printer’

Geeky-Gadgets: Robox 3D Printer And Desktop Micro-Manufacturing Platform Launches On Kickstarter (video)

HotHardware: Robox 3D Printer Aims For Extreme Simplicity But Choice Features

MSN Tech: CEL’s Robox 3D printer aims to bring 3D printing to the masses

Pocket-Lint: Robox: Budget 3D printer aims to simplify three dimensional printing

TCT Magazine: Robox brings 3D printing to a home near you


We’ve even see a couple of articles from further afield in Germany and Russia! [Links below] (German): CEL Robox 3D Printer – Update: Now on Kickstarter (Russian): Robox 3D – a new 3D-printer with two extruders


We’ve already had some amazing responses through Facebook, Kickstarter, and Twitter – we’re trying our best to respond to you all as soon as we can. Thanks to everyone for their support and the near £50,000 already pledged (at last time of checking).  Please continue to shop your support and if you have any questions about Robox, 3D printing, or just want to say hello, please do get in touch.

News articles about Robox®

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Seems we have stirred up some news sites. Thanks to all for reporting about our exciting new 3d printer. Its not just a 3d printer! Keep checking back here or scroll to the bottom to subscribe. Logo

‘Our dream is to see a Robox in every school, office and home worldwide’ – 29th November

This 3D printer on Kickstarter aims for Apple-like simplicity – 22nd November

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Robox is a Robot in a box that’s ‘not just a 3D printer‘ – 21st November 2013

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A 3D Printer With A Difference – 22nd November 2013

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Robox: Budget 3D printer aims to simplify three dimensional printing – 21st November 2013

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The Robox 3D Printer by CEL is a Micro Manufacturing Platform – 2nd December 2013

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Robox: An Accessible Desktop 3D Printer For Everyone – 27th November 2013

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Thinking Outside the Robox – 22nd November 2013

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Robox Dual-Nozzle 3D Printer from CEL – 21st November 2013

Geeky Gadgets

Robox 3D Printer And Desktop Micro-Manufacturing Platform Launches On Kickstarter – 21st November 2013

Robox 3D Printer And Micro-Manufacturing Platform Passes Funding Goal – 29th November 2013

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Robox is a 3D Printer designed for the masses, and much more  – 23rd November 2013

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Robox 3D Printer Aims For Extreme Simplicity But Choice Features – 21st November 2013

3D Printing Industry

Two Heads are Better Than One with Robox Desktop 3D Printer – 5th November 2013

Robox 3D Printer Kicks off on Kickstarter Ahead of CES in January – 22nd November 2013

Introducing Robox dual nozzle 3D printer – 3rd November 2013

CEL introduces Robox 3D printer, a Robot in a box – 21st November 2013

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The Robox Personal 3D Printer – 4th December 2013

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The Robox Micro Manufacturing Platform – 25th November 2013

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Robox 3D Printer and Micro-Manfucturing Platform on Kickstarter – 23rd November 2013

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Get Plug and Play Cool With the Robox 3D Printer On Kickstarter – 22nd November 2013


The CEL Robox Printer Automates the Most Annoying Tasks in 3D Printing – 4th November 2013

CEL Robox, a Simplistic 3D Printer That Doesn’t Sacrifice Anything – 21st November 2013

Angel News

Robox® brings 3D printing to a home near you – 22nd November 2013

Funky Kit HKEF 2013: CEL Robox 3D Printer – 14th October

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CEL Robox 3D Printer – Update: Jetzt auf Kickstarter – 4th November (Updated 21st November) 2013

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CEL’s Robox 3D printer aims to bring 3D printing to the masses – 19th November 2013

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Robox: Budget 3D printer aims to simplify three dimensional printing – 22nd November 2013

Robox on Kickstarter Day 1

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So this is the biggest week of my career so far, today Thursday 21st November we launched the Robox project onto Kick-starter in an effort to get the backing of our end users to support the project through to completion.

A great start so far with over £25,000 in the first hours of the campaign. Thank you all already, please tell everyone you know that you have helped to fund this project so we can keep this rolling.

I’m guessing that some people will ask “why do CEL need the support of customers to finish the project?” This is simple to answer; we’ve spent the last 18 months developing the project and all the IP around it. This development has been and continues to be expensive. Until this point we’ve been able to draw on the income from CEL’s other products but this has been draining and is starting to affect the business as a whole. So it’s time to see if all our hard work has been well invested and release some product to the public. There are two more reason that kick-starter is a good idea, first is that we get the product into the hands of the people that matter, the end users and early adopters that will help us, through their feed back, to make the product the best it can be. The final reason is the simplest straight up advertising, marketing what ever you want to call it, if we don’t have a good voice to tell people about what we’ve been doing then the whole project will fall on its face.

I have no idea how successful this kick-starter campaign will be but I have great hopes. CEL has never spent a penny on marketing or PR before but this time we are going all out, through experience we know it’s not enough to design and make great products, you really need to make sure your audience know about them. We’ve only done this by attending trade shows and giving samples away for testing, don’t get me wrong it’s worked well enough till now but after so much time and money has been invested in Robox we really need to see a return on our investment so it seems it’s a case of ‘speculate to accumulate’.

If I’m honest, and this statement might leave me with egg on my face, I’m quietly confident, the guys in the office have really put their hearts and souls into the project and it shows, we’ve done endless research and we will have the most comprehensive micro manufacturing solution on the market at day of launch. So unless 3D printer fatigue has set in, the right people don’t hear about it or some one makes a better product and a multitude of other reasons, Robox will be a success.

If you reading this post I ask for your help to let us reach our goal, you may or may not be interested on supporting us on Kick-starter but the video is worth a watch, please can you send this link to your friends so they can then share it again. If the campaign reaches enough screens we will reach the percentage of those people who are as excited about 3D printing and micro manufacturing thing as we are. Thanks in advance!

3D printing and biomodelling applications

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The applications for 3D printing for home users and SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) are developing rapidly. Over the coming years devices like Robox will encourage users who aren’t engineers or 3D printing enthusiasts to create and manufacture useful objects.

As these excerpts from the article below show – biomodelling is a fantastic example of how a device like Robox can make a real difference to healthcare professionals in their daily work.  It would be great to hear from other healthcare professionals about other potential applications of this technology. Who knows – perhaps Robox can help!

“When Ms. S presented with a missing front tooth after a sport accident, she was concerned and anxious about the process of replacing it with a dental implant. There were many questions and unknowns about her condition. With an in-office Computed Tomography (CT) scanner, the clinical examination could be followed immediately by the 3D radiograph. Within minutes, we knew what bone anatomy was available, and could plan the surgery quickly. We could plan implant position and size using dedicated software. Yet, transposing planning to surgery remains a problem. Third party companies can fabricate a CAD/CAM surgical guide, using 3D printing. However, it takes about a week or more to obtain the guide. In addition, the process is complex: CT data needs to be uploaded, planning needs to be checked and approved, and guide providers often need to be mailed a plaster model for accuracy.”

“… in-office 3D printing is an opportunity to simplify and accelerate the process. At the moment, fabrication of biomodels is simple: CT data is segmented using simple software, and STL files are sent to the printer within minutes. Biomodels allow for visualization, manipulation and communication. Patients can better understand their condition, and general practitioners who are not surgeons can better communicate and coordinate care. If a change needs to be made, re-printing is simple and fast.”

See the full article at –

Image of 3D printed jawbone


Robox goes live on Kickstarter!

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Robox goes live on Kickstarter

Robox enthusiasts!

Big news! Robox has gone live on Kickstarter!

That’s right, to help bring the product to completion, Robox is looking to raise funds and generate interest to support the final development of the product – and that’s why we need your help!


We have set out to create the very best 3D printer that is both reliable and accessible to everyone. In Robox, we believe we have come up with the most comprehensive micro-manufacturing solution to date, coming soon to a desk near you!

Your funding and input will help us in reaching our goal of delivering the best 3D printer in the market. By supporting us you will become one of the first people to receive Robox, and if you are not an early adopter then there are a number of other ways that you can support us, check out the link above and watch the video!

Please help us to spread the word by sharing on your Facebook page, tweet and email to all you know… Thanks in advance for your support and spreading the word.

Print, print, print!

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As the weather begins to cool down outside, things are hotting up inside the CEL-UK office. Word is getting out about our 3D printer, Robox, and it’s starting to create quite a stir.

We love setting Robox to work, either to run tests or to try something new, and recently we have been working flat out, printing a whole load of objects in preparation for some big news that will be coming this week! So keep checking back to keep up to date on what’s happening.

Cups, chess pieces, spiral profile prints, cookie cutters and many more objects have all been coming to life on the printer bed, and it’s really exciting to see! We’re continuously thinking of cool things to print, and Robox is helping us realise those ideas.

We’re so passionate about what we’re doing with Robox, and can’t wait to share it with everyone. However it’s the execution and the detail which is going to make Robox better than its competitors, and that’s why we’re cutting no corners as we forge ahead with development.

In the meantime, the printing and the testing continues, as the excitement surrounding the project continues to build.

Be sure to keep an eye out for the big announcement coming on Thursday 21st!

First colour samples of the best 3d printer filament we have tested yet.

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A big box has arrived at our UK office with a selection of coloured filament in both PLA and ABS. Time to start  tuning some settings.

The eprom on each material reel tells the printer which filament has been loaded and set up a huge range of variables without the need for user input.

The filament quality is extremely consistent in thickness, colour and material. We chose this supplier because the filament was far superior to any other filament we have tested with Robox.

We will nail down a good list of colours and finishes for release day in a range of materials for both build and support, following release we will add to the range based on popular requests.


What colours, textures or materials would you like to print with?

This post about bed materials is related to materials.
We will begin selling materials as soon as we can via this site All our filament will be available for use on other printers.

More about CEL

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There are more 3d printers being announced all the time, it’s not surprising to see comments such as
“Another day Another Printer” Jack @

So I’d like to tell you more about CEL and why we will be able to design and manufacture the best consumer 3d printer.

In 2006 Chris Elsworthy met Kenneth Tam in a taxi in Hong Kong on the way to discuss a manufacturing process for another project  where Chris was working as a Design Engineer. They got talking about power tools and a design Chris had started that would allow a case of tools to have a huge amount of additional function – POWER8workshop. Kenneth’s manufacturing connections are extensive, a massive resource of manufacturing and component acquisition, he saw the value in the POWER8 and both he and Chris left their jobs and started CEL together.

POWER8workshop is a tool box with a set of cordless 18V power tools inside that each have additional functions. The drill detaches from its handle and fits onto the case to create a drill press/pillar drill. The circular saw flips and attaches to the lid to create a table saw. Other tools combine in different ways to create a huge range of functionality and it all packs away into a compact and portable case. The design of this product has been applauded by everyone who has seen it and represented a lot of design hours and millions of pounds of investment into tooling and electronics design. Several patents protect the design or POWER8workshop and its components. This high standard of mass manufacturing allowed CEL to continue through a tough recession to keep designing upgrades and making great tools.

In 2006 we had a single product, around 10 items making up the POWER8workshop. In 2013 we have several hundred products which we have designed and manufacture in several factories. These products are distributed all over the world where they are promoted, sold and serviced. Our UK site is a showcase of our design and manufacturing capabilities.

We have close contact with our customer base and design tools to meet specific needs. Feedback and suggestions have allowed us to improve designs, components, accessories and even the combinations we sell the tools in. We intend to continue and improve this feedback system into the development of Robox. Your input will help us to make the first release of Robox a success, following this first release your suggestions and stories will help us to further improve the design, to add extra features or to make changes that improve productivity, reliability and the whole user experience.

So we have all this experience in design and manufacturing, why do we need your help?
Robox is a simple machine but it has a huge range of variables, there are more variations in all aspects of this device than we could ever test alone. Variation in what goes into the machine such as consistent thickness of filament, it’s water content, the quality and purity of the material. Then there are all the types of material that can be fed into the machine and the additional variation in those. The extruder feeds the filament to the FFF head the temperature needs to be set to match the speed of extrusion so that the pressure is maintained to the print nozzle, again this varies based on the material and is affected by ambient temperature and humidity.  Next the bed needs to be suitable to accept the melted filament. Which material is best? Which temperature is best?
With the material melted correctly the head pressurised, the bed set up and at temperature we can begin laying down material. But how fast should the nozzle move, how far from the bed should it be? When should the nozzle close and how fast? When the nozzles swap from large to small should we wait while the outer perimeter hardens, how long? What is the best speed/temperature setting for a bridge or overhang of 20°, or for 45°? How should the printer be set for multi-colour or multi-material prints? What if the ambient temperature is extreme? What is going to happen when the bed is used 5000 times or more?

The list of variable conditions and settings we need to test is immense, we will simplify what we can into an easy to use program but need a test base of users to really nail down a set of instructions that can get the best from our printer and materials. Automaker™ is the name of the software,  we are lucky to have some brilliant programmers on board but this new software needs just as much testing as the physical parts and consumables of the printer.
We have the first parts from our factory scattered around the office in various states of assembly and our first samples of the best filament we could find have just arrived (it prints beautifully!).

CEL is not just another startup that had a good idea, we are more than capable of reaching our goals and delivering on our promises. There are a lot of other printers competing in the race for your interest and ultimately for you to invest in. Robox will be the first to arrive at the finish line ready to use and complete. We know this because we have done it before, CEL is not just “Another  Printer”.

Praise for CEL power tool products from the Dragons Den program broadcast on BBC  in 2010 –

Absolutely some of the best products I've seen come into The Den, you are a product genius.

Peter Jones - BBC Dragons Den

Its very impressive, you've got really good product there.

Deborah Meaden - BBC Dragons Den

I thought that that box was amazing. Really good.

James Caan - BBC Dragons Den

You're a great designer, it's a great product.

Duncan Bannatyne - BBC Dragons Den

To design something like this, which is practical, that is great British know how. Its fabulous.

Theo Paphitis - BBC Dragons Den