Here at Robox we rely on solidifying good relationships with our resellers, and we’re always on the look out for those that can bring something a little different to the Robox project.

All of our current resellers bring something unique and promising for the Robox brand, and we’re proud of the partnerships we have built to date.

Moving forward, we will feature a number of interview-style case studies of our resellers on this blog, allowing YOU to decide where you should buy your Robox, and where you should go for advice.

Today we’re talking to CREAT3D, our only reseller to offer customers the option of seeing the Robox printer amongst many others in their showroom on the high street – allowing users to have a play with the technology before choosing to buy.  At a time where the internet and distance selling leads the way, CREAT3D is something of a phenomenon.

Tell us about CREAT3D – when did you set up the company and why?

CREAT3D is the UK’s leading independent specialist in desktop 3D printers and 3D scanners.

CREAT3D was founded in 2012 with the desire to bring the best of the desktop 3D printers in the market together in one place for our customers to choose from, whilst providing first class buying advice and on-going customer service and technical support. In 2014 we opened the first 3D printer store in the UK outside of London.

What are you trying to achieve as a reseller within the 3D printing arena?

As we are a specialist we know our products inside out, and we also know what our customers wish to use our 3D printers for, whether that be for a business, in education or as an individual. At CREAT3D we want to share our knowledge, and ensure that this emerging technology is properly integrated, used and understood by our customers, to help them to maximise the benefits of desktop 3D printing.

We know you are very selective about who you work with and which 3D printers you sell, why is this and what are you looking for?

We are selective with our partners, as we want to offer our customers the best product and best 3D printing experience possible. We look for high quality and well-designed 3D printers, from manufacturers that offer good support and listen to feedback to make improvements.

Most 3D printing resellers operate online only, what made you decide to open a store on the high street?

Opening a store was really important to us. We understand the needs of our customers and we know that Businesses want to be able to come and see the printers in action, and to compare and choose the best printer based on their requirements, when talking to our team.

Equally we wanted the space to be accessible to the public so they can start to learn about this emerging technology, which will have an increasing impact on our lives over the next few years.

How many 3D printers do you currently have in your repertoire?

We have a selective range, offering our customers the best products, with a variety of different characteristics to suit differing needs. To date, we have approximately 20 different 3D printers, from 8 manufacturers.

How does the Robox fit into your repertoire of 3D printers – how is it different?

The Robox offers our customers a huge amount for the price point. It is our lowest priced model, but it packs a punch! We like it because it is intelligently designed and future proof, with the dual nozzles (and dual material upgrade kit coming soon), as well as the ability to print in a wide array of different materials. It is the only 3D printer in our range that has been designed from scratch to be a platform, which will be upgradeable across its life, instead of being replaced by a new model.

Unlike other resellers, you’re even selective about your customers, making sure they really buy something which suits their needs, why is this?

There is not a one-size fits all 3D printer. Like with many technical products, there are differing machines with differing capabilities, and which give different outputs. We consult with our clients in the first instance to understand what they are trying to achieve, and then we provide buying advice for which printers may best suit them. Ultimately, our customers are not buying a 3D printer, they are buying what the printer produces.

Another thing which sets you apart from many other 3D printer resellers is that you often ask customers to send you details of what they want to print before deciding which 3D printer is right for their needs, have you found this reduces the number of unsatisfied customers as they’re then able to make a more considered purchase?

Absolutely! We focus on providing excellent customer service, and there is nothing worse than a customer being in the wrong machine for the job. Customers can send us a test print for a particular printer, so they can see the result before they commit to a purchase.

If people visit you in Caversham, can they have a little play with some of the technology on display?

Of course! This was one of the main reasons why we opened a 3D printer store. Many people have heard of the technology and may have seen it online, but few get to see it in action in the flesh, so we open up our store to allow people to see it, touch it and understand it.

In addition to your reseller status, you are rather unique in that you offer technical support to all of your customers after they have bought a product, have you found this to be necessary due to the ‘newness’ of the 3D printing industry?

Yes, we offer a number of different training and installation options that greatly benefit our customers. The technology at this level is new and it does require an understanding of the whole 3D printing process, from designing for 3D printing, through to how to operate the machine and even how materials can have an impact on the end result.

Have you seen a shift in the types of people wanting to purchase a 3D printer over the past 12 months?

The Robox has been really popular with both individuals and businesses due to its price point and capabilities.

What would be your one piece of advice to anyone considering buying a 3D printer?

Talk to us first! Make sure you are in the right printer for the right job. Let us walk and talk you through the options so you can make an informed decision. Trying to compare 3D printers based on stats like the layer height or resolution, doesn’t work!

To get in touch with the CREAT3D team:

Tel: 0800 689 1011



Or visit their showroom at 38C Church Street | Caversham | Reading | RG4 8AU

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  • Simon Williams says:

    I bought my Robox from them a few weeks ago. Very nice people who clearly know their stuff. I subsequently recommended both creat4d and the Robox to a work colleague who is equally impressed since he purchased there as well.

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