Robox press coverage March 2014

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21.03.14 – Five Questions with the Robox CEO
20.03.14 – Chris Elsworthy of Robox 3D Printers
19.03.14 – Market for 3D Printers could be worth £2.9billion
19.03.14 – 3D Printing in the Home
18.03.14 – 3D Printing Market in the UK
14.03.14 – York named as 3D printing hotspot
12.03.14 – 3D Printing set to be worth £2.9billion
04.03.14 – 3D printers: A tour of the top models Tech Republic
03.03.14 – Robox 3D Printers now shipping Softpedia
01.03.14 – Next steps with Robox 3D printer 3D Printer World

Robox press coverage January 2014

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28.01.14 – Best 3D Printers 2014 Tom’s Guide
16.01.14 – The state of 3D printing and scanning after CES 2014: The push for mainstreaming begins
MAKE Magazine
16.01.14 – Gallery: 3D printing and scanning at CES 2014 Electronic Design

Rory Cellan-Jones – 14.01.14 – CES 2014 in 2 minutes
Rory Cellan-Jones
14.01.14 – Best of British at CES 2014 – Pure, Damson, Fitbug, CES Yahoo News
13.01.14 – Finally, 3D printers are becoming more beginner friendly Digital Arts Online

13.01.14 – Robox: flying the British flag at CES 2014 TCT Mag
13.01.14 – Robox Sunglasses Thingiverse
13.01.14 – Best of British at CES 2014 – Pure, Damson, Fitbug, CEL IBTimes
10.01.14 – CEL Robox is the King of 3D Printers USA Today
10.01.14 – The coolest 3D printers of CES 2014 InfoWorld
10.01.14 – The 3D printing cagematch The Verge
10.01.14 – Finally, 3D printeres are becoming more noob-friendly Tech Hive
09.01.14 – CES 2014: 3D printing poised to go global, mainstream Crave Online
09.01.14 – Finally, 3D printers are becoming more noob-friendly PC Advisor
09.01.14 – Portishead business Robox raises £200,000 for 3D printer project South West Business
08.01.14 – CES 2014: 3D food printers make their debut BBC News
08.01.14 – They’re multiplying! 3D printers go big and small NBC News
08.01.14 – Top 3D printers from CES IBTimes
08.01.14 – Robox takes the 3D printer crown Reviewed
08.01.14 – 3D printer firm raises £203K on Kickstarter Bristol Post
08.01.14 – Fear and loathing at CES 2014 3D Printing Industry
07.01.14 – Giants and start-up compete at CES BBC News
07.01.14 – Technology firms gather at CES BBC News Video
06.01.14 – Robox first-timer at CES BBC News
02.01.14 – CES 2013 3D printing Techzone gallery TCT Mag

Robox press coverage December 2013

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31.12.13 – 5 features desktop 3D printer companies should focus on in 2014 GigaOM
23.12.13 – Start Up to Watch: Robox Simple Web
23.12.13 – Robox successfully completes Kickstarter campaign Start Ups
20.12.13 – Gorgeous Robox 3D printer hopes it can do for 3D printing what the iMac did for personal computing GigaOM
18.12.13 – Cool new innovations for Christmas and the New Year MSN Innovate
16.12.13 – 3D printing week: Holiday gift guide, Robox 3D printer, Kickstarter On 3D Printing
14.12.143- Robox raises the bar for 3D printers and close in on $300K Kickstarter On 3D Printing
14.12.13 – The Robox Personal 3D Printer Fabbaloo
02.12.13 – The Robox 3D printer by CEL is a micro manufacturing platform Trend Hunter

Robox press coverage November 2013

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29.11.13 – “Our dream is to see a Robox in every school, home and office worldwide” Tech Radar
29.11.13 – Robox 3D printer and micro-manufacturing platform passes funding goal (video) Geeky Gadgets
28.11.13 – 3D printers set for big future in our living rooms Bristol Post
28.11.13 – Somerset business launches 3D printer home user market South West Business
28.11.13 – Robox: an accessible 3D desktop printer for everyone PasteMagazine
22.11.13 – This 3D printer on Kickstarter aims for Apple-like simplicity Tech Radar
22 11.13 – Fully charged: Robox’s robot in a box Stuff
22.11.13 – Robox brings 3D printing to a home near you Angel News
22.11.13 – Robox 3D printer kicks off on Kickstarter ahead of CES in January 3D Printing Industry
22.11.13 – Thinking outside the Robox TCT Magazine
22.11.13 – This 3D printer on Kickstater aims for Apple-like simplicity Tech Radar
21.11.13 – CEL’s Robox 3D printer aims to bring 3D printing to the masses MSN Tech
21.11.13 – CEL introduces Robox 3D printers, a computer in a box 3Ders
21.11.13 – CEL aims to simplify 3D printing for everyone Pocket-lint
21.11.13 – Robox 3D printer aims to being 3D printing to the masses Yahoo News
21.11.13 – Robox brings 3D printing to a home near you TCT Magazine
21.11.13 – The Robox micro manufacturing platform passes All About 3D Printing
21.11.13 – Robox 3D printer and desktop micro-manufacturing platform launches on Kickstarter (video) Geeky Gadgets
21.11.13 – Robox 3D printer aims for extreme simplicity but choice features Hot Hardware
20.11.13 – Robox 3D printer does it all 3D Printer
20.11.13 – Robox is a robot in a box that’s ‘not just a 3D printer’ Engadget