Creating a Surgical Guide – Learn Blue Sky Plan in 15 Minutes

By May 12, 2017Healthcare

Blue Sky Bio have created a very nice overview of dental surgical guide creation for implants using their excellent Blue Sky Plan software. This software is free to use with a charge for export, this is an excellent business model giving users access to learn and experiment with the software without a huge upfront cost.

Check out the guide here

After following this guide the next step is physically creating the guide, this is even easier with Robox.

Automaker Animation

Robox is the most popular FFF/FDM 3D printer in dentistry. We think this is because it is the easiest to use. Dental professionals are very skilled with their hands and can visualise and create very accurate and detailed objects. They are also very busy with valuable time. Being able to work through cases quickly and simply send them to the printer without fiddling or dealing with nasty resins makes the whole process clean, fast and predictable.

Robox is the best 3D printer for dental surgical guides because it is very easy to set up and use, Robox is clean and compact with safe and very cost effective consumable materials. Best of all it has dedicated and knowledgable support staff who are ready and able to help along with the best warranty of any 3D printer.

There is a comparison of SLA vs FDM here.

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  • Juan E. Trull Breso says:

    Hola, estaba interesado en una impresora, que diferencias hay entre el modelo RBX02, RBX01 y la RBX01 de 799 libras, gracias.
    Es para modelos dentales.

    • Pete says:

      Google translation 18 May 2017
      Hi, I was interested in a printer, what differences there are between the model RBX02, RBX01 and the RBX01 of 799 pounds, thanks.
      It is for dental models.

      Hello Juan, The main difference between RBX01 and RBX02 is the ability of RBX02 to print with 2 materials in the same layer. This allows you to use a support material which can be removed more easily or to print a model made up of 2 or more colours or materials. It is possible to upgrade a RBX01 to have these functions as the main parts of the printer are the same, this procedure can be complex in some stages.
      For dental models I would recommend getting the RBX01 or RBX02 from BlueSkyBio as they have all the latest parts and the correct certified nGen filament included as standard. RBX02 has the benefit of 2 material feed extruders and 2 reel holders as well as the DualMaterial head which can be swapped easily for the QuickFill head supplied as standard with the RBX01.
      Although there are lower priced RBX01 around they are likely to have older parts and may be less reliable than the units from BlueSkyBio or from other approved sellers.
      I am happy to answer any other questions you have, please use the contact form you can find at the bottom of the page or the forum which can alert you of replies.

      Google translation 18 May 2017
      Hola Juan, La principal diferencia entre RBX01 y RBX02 es la capacidad de RBX02 para imprimir con 2 materiales en la misma capa. Esto le permite utilizar un material de soporte que se puede quitar más fácilmente o imprimir un modelo compuesto por 2 o más colores o materiales. Es posible actualizar un RBX01 para tener estas funciones como las partes principales de la impresora son los mismos, este procedimiento puede ser complejo en algunas etapas.
      Para los modelos dentales recomendaría conseguir el RBX01 o el RBX02 de BlueSkyBio pues tienen todas las piezas más últimas y el filamento nGen certificado correcto incluido estándar. RBX02 tiene el beneficio de 2 extrusoras de alimentación de material y 2 soportes de carrete, así como la cabeza DualMaterial que se puede intercambiar fácilmente para la cabeza QuickFill suministrada de serie con el RBX01.
      Aunque hay precios más bajos RBX01 en torno a ellos es probable que tengan partes más antiguas y puede ser menos confiable que las unidades de BlueSkyBio o de otros vendedores aprobados.
      Me complace responder a cualquier otra pregunta que tenga, por favor utilice el formulario de contacto que puede encontrar en la parte inferior de la página o en el foro que le puede alertar de las respuestas.

  • Andrea says:

    How is the medium shrinkage of nGen Clear to compensate in surgical guide printing?
    is the BSB stl file already correct for shrinkage?

    • Pete says:

      Hi Andrea, There should be a step in the workflow of any item which is critical such as a surgical guide to ensure the fit is correct. Shrinkage will depend on the size of a part, small parts will have far less overall distortion and even then it will be mostly in the areas where there is a mass of plastic. Larger parts will show more signs of shrinkage but the surgical guides would not be considered large parts as they are typically a cupped curve shape with holes and organic bumps. A quadrant guide would most likely have little to no shrinkage. There is no scale correction added in BlueSkyPlan or through the printing process, it is possible to scale parts in AutoMaker if needed.
      Please be sure to measure before drilling.

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