Currys and PC World stock the Robox

By February 27, 2015Stuff and Things

So if you haven’t already seen the news, we’re delighted to announce our newest partnership with DixonsCarphone, which means the Robox will now be stocked via the Curry’s, PC World, and PC World Business websites.

We’re happy to say DixonsCarphone share our enthusiasm, as Category Manager Rachel Wareham commented:

“With Robox you can go from unboxing to printing in a matter of minutes and the software even integrates one of the biggest libraries of 3D models on the web, so there’s no searching around for models to print, either.

“Robox has the potential to be a mass-market product – it works like magic, looks great and is incredible value-for-money.”

For us, Dixons’ decision to stock Robox—the only 3D printer available on the group’s websites—is a fantastic validation of what we’ve envisaged and how far we’ve come. But reaching this milestone does not mean it’s ‘mission accomplished’ for us here at CEL; we’re continually improving Robox’s hardware and software, we’ve got some fantastic new accessories due to be released later this year, and more orders to fulfil than we thought possible at this point in time.

It’s great to add Currys and PC World to the list of our supporters and with their help we feel more confident than ever that we will soon see 3D printers in homes and schools as well as workshops and offices.

We’re pleased to be adding these household names to our rapidly increasing list of stockists – which includes the likes of Kitronik, CREAT3D, 3D-PrintWorld, PrintMe3D, Maplins and Farnell Element 14.  To find out more about these stockists please visit our ‘where to buy‘ page.

And to read more about the partnership take a look at some of the great coverage popping up today:


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