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CEL is a product design company which also produces Robox which is a class leading 3D printer with global reach based in Portishead near Bristol.

We need a capable and innovative engineer who can plan, demonstrate, prototype functional products and machinery and high quality CAD ready for manufacturing. Ideally this engineer will be able to work both independently and take direction from other engineers and clients to produce a wide range of products.

It is important that you can:

  • Demonstrate your ideas clearly and quickly to both colleagues and prospective clients.
  • Communicate very well using a combination of drawn and written descriptions.
  • Apply research and prior knowledge to ensure the best results are achieved in the most efficient way.
  • Design complex and reliable mechanical systems.

While not essential, useful knowledge and experience would include:

  • Creo Parametric.
  • Adobe design packages.
  • Multi-axis machine use and development.
  • 3D Printing, GCode and machine control.
  • 2D and 3D graphics rendering and design presentations.
  • Commercial product design.
  • Mass manufacturing experience.
  • Patents and intellectual property.
  • Electronics design and working knowledge of common electrical systems and devices.
  • Creation of working prototypes.
  • Machining skills.

You must be able to:

  • Use one or more professional CAD packages to a high standard.
  • Produce clear and concise concept sketches and descriptions for forms and mechanisms.
  • Manage your own time and work efficiently to plan, communicate and complete tasks in realistic timeframes.
  • Create accurate and comprehensive engineering documents for items which can be produced using viable manufacturing methods.
  • Plan and perform tests which prove function or highlight weaknesses, react quickly to resolve problems.
  • Demonstrate these abilities.

CEL is a friendly and casual workplace with a great team of talented and inventive people. Our core business is product design so there are always exciting technology projects running. We are about to expand into a very new and exciting venture and we would love the right person to be part of it and grow with us.

Full time, negotiable, office based. Entry to mid level salary available.

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