Robox has become the 3D printer brand of choice in schools and libraries due to the platform’s unique safety features and award-winning user experience. Robox 3D printers are being used every day in makerspaces, schools, colleges and universities around the world to improve STEM learning outcomes.


Learning about insect anatomy

10-year-old pupils at Blackfield Primary School use Robox to model and print insect anatomy.


Getting to grips with 3D design using free software

Martyn Hendry at St Andrew's Primary School takes a group of 10-year-old pupils through the process of designing custom name tags using Autodesk's browser-based Tinkercad software.


Working in partnership with the James Dyson Foundation

Gears are 3D printed on Robox in a Year 10 James Dyson Foundation project.


Designing and making a more inclusive society

15-year-old students discuss their GCSE James Dyson Foundation projects aimed at aiding people who experience physical disabilities.


Engaging young people in STEM

9-year-old pupils at Blackfield Primary School learn to combine multiple models for printing in two materials.


Understanding the additive manufacturing process

Students of all ages at King Edward VI Community College and its feeder schools use Robox in combination with other manufacturing processes such as cold casting.


Complexity made simple

Robox can print in two materials at the same time, allowing more complex geometries to be printed with ease using dedicated support materials.


Inspiring a new generation

8-year-old pupils in Blackfield Primary School use free Tinkercad software and Robox to create stationery organisers for a school project.


Mendip Studio School

Year 11 students discuss their GCSE projects.


Ashlyns School

A student upgrades his A-Level project with Robox.


Safety and Security

Robox is the only 3D printer with an interlocking safety door to prevent accidental injury.


FAWE School, Rwanda

Students from Writhlington School provide 3D printer workshops to Rwandan students.

The award-winning Robox 3D printing platform offers new opportunities to enhance STEM learning as the safest and easiest to use 3D printer for schools, colleges and universities.

Robox 3D printers are designed for beginners and experienced 3D printer users alike. The platform has been praised for its sleek and unobtrusive design, user-friendliness, outstanding quality and enhanced safety features. With critically acclaimed hardware and software designed by a dedicated team of British product development specialists, users are empowered to design without needing to worry about calibrating hardware or navigating cumbersome software.

Robox 3D printers are the world’s only desktop 3D printers including an interlocking safety door, a critical safety feature designed to quarantine the build chamber and prevent accidental contact with components inside that reach up to 350°C while in operation. The platform has also won the 3D Hubs award in the “Plug and Play” category for 2 years running with reviews from over 8,624 verified 3D printer users, serving as a testament to its premium design and user-friendliness.

Other key features include:

  • Hassle-free build plate with no glue or tape required before printing
  • Sturdy, stainless steel frame and injection moulded housing
  • Patented needle valve technology cuts dual extruder print times
  • Compatible with 3rd party filament, meaning no vendor lock-in
  • Automatic material settings with pre-print job costings
  • Fully automatic bed levelling and easy calibrations

The new RoboxPRO model launched in January 2018. This new addition to the Robox family caters more towards professionals and users in further and higher education, containing all the features users love about Robox and all they have requested to-date: integrated Wi-Fi connectivity, onboard controls, a HEPA air filtration system and considerably larger build volume.

Why not see for yourself why Robox is the leading 3D printer brand in education?

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“We assessed Robox against a number of other popular 3D printers and it came out on top in terms of portability, ease of use, safety, design and print quality.”
Scottish Library & Information Council
“If you’re looking for a quality desktop 3D printer for the home, office or classroom, then there’s little not to love about the formidable CEL RoboxDual.”
“Robox is an amazing tool for learning. By removing the complexities of the production process, it allows multiple ideas to be produced with ease. Its simple UI offers ease of use to both new and experienced users with the advanced functionality.”
James Stewart, Student, Writhlington School
“Features like automatic bed leveling, easy-to-use software, filament auto-load, and SmartReel filament technology made setup a breeze and very beginner friendly.”
Make Magazine 3D Printer Guide 2017
“We selected Robox 3D printers to go into all our Primary schools after extensive research. The locking door ensures that the printing area is a safe environment and hands cannot make contact with hot components. The ease of printing and easy removal of the printed models are very user friendly.“
Martyn Hendry, STEM Coordinator, East Ayrshire Council
“The AutoMaker software supplied with the printer is clear and simple to operate with the time of print, price and weight a fantastic feature for education settings. Combined with hardware that’s incredibly safe and user-friendly to operate, the CEL Robox is exactly what our academy needs to take our Design and Technology to the next level.”
Josh Rigby, Year 6 Teacher and Design and Technology Lead, Inspire Learning Federation
“Would I like more Robox machines in my classrooms? The answer is 100% yes!”
Mark Nicholson, Head of Faculty for Technology, ICT and Business, Ashlyns School
“CEL’s Robox 3D printer outdoes even the closest competition at a very attractive price.”
“Excellent printer, compact design and easy to use. Support from CEL is second to none and easy to contact with great FAQs available online.”
Tazie, Pinshape
“The Robox technical support team are second to none and offer excellent training materials to ensure systems are kept up and running.”
David Irish, Head of D&T, King Edward VI Community College