First colour samples of the best 3d printer filament we have tested yet.

By November 18, 2013News

A big box has arrived at our UK office with a selection of coloured filament in both PLA and ABS. Time to start  tuning some settings.

The eprom on each material reel tells the printer which filament has been loaded and set up a huge range of variables without the need for user input.

The filament quality is extremely consistent in thickness, colour and material. We chose this supplier because the filament was far superior to any other filament we have tested with Robox.

We will nail down a good list of colours and finishes for release day in a range of materials for both build and support, following release we will add to the range based on popular requests.


What colours, textures or materials would you like to print with?

This post about bed materials is related to materials.
We will begin selling materials as soon as we can via this site All our filament will be available for use on other printers.

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