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    Bill Roy @billbo
    I have several commercial Robox units

    Last weekend I noticed that there was an advert on advertising new Robox01 for just £598.00.

    Thinking this was either a great opportunity to acquire more Robox’s or a con trick (the later being by far the most likely) I emailed Cel the details and questioning whether the seller was authentic.  Needless to say Cel replied very quickly saying that it was a con.  Later that day I went to report the seller to Amazon only to find the seller was no longer ‘active’.  🙂

    Knowing how these con-artists work, i.e. close down one account and open up a new one, I have just checked and the same offer is now being made by another seller, Robox01’s for £598.00.  I am of the opinion this is yet another ‘con’ as the adverts of the original con and this presumed new one are identical.

    Just hope very few people or indeed no one is caught by this apparent con.



    I have just spoken to the company (Brandon Limited, website: who confirm this is a con and there Amazon site has been hacked.  Apparently over £40k has been so far conned out of unsuspecting buyers on the hacked site.



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    Chris White @chrisyt

    @billbo Thanks for posting this Bill – as they always say, if it looks too good to be true, it is! If anyone has any enquiries about sales/resellers etc. the best option is always to contact us first at – a full list of authorised and affiliated resellers can also be found here – Where To Buy

    Profile photo of William Pitzer
    William Pitzer @pitzerwm

    This one is legit:  3 of us have bought one.:

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    Henry @henry
    My Robox is a Blue Commercial Version
    Washington State USA

    We are getting a nice little Robox support group down here in south west Washington. I don’t know how Hobbyking is doing it but they are selling at a very good price.

    Profile photo of Kent Hartland
    Kent Hartland @heartlander
    My Robox is a Blue Commercial Version
    Kansas City, Missouri, USA

    William Pitzer, are you guys happy with your Hobby King purchases?

    Damn Solid Design

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    Henry @henry
    My Robox is a Blue Commercial Version
    Washington State USA

    I have seen Bills Robox and one of the others. Last time i talked with the third person he had not received his yet. The two Roboxs received are legitimate Robox printers with the S2 head in the original box. Our third friend checked the web site. The price on the Robox was the full price. He called HobbyKing and asked about the price. They told him to wait a couple of days and try again. The price was back down to the sale price and he ordered. They are legit and fast.

    Profile photo of CHARLES GRAYBILL
    CHARLES GRAYBILL @wildtky2

    Bought mine from HOBBY KING $507.00, could noy be happier!

    Profile photo of Ian Blinkhorn
    Ian Blinkhorn @aeroit
    My Robox is a Blue Commercial Version

    <span style=”-webkit-tap-highlight-color: rgba(0, 0, 0, 0);”>Looks like a complete bargain you guys are getting from Hobby King. If a reputable company in the U.K. was offering Robox at that price I’d probably clear out their stock 😀</span>

    I’ve seen the extremely dodgy looking offers on Amazon a few times now, I’d only buy something like this from a company I know 95% of the time and the other 5% I’d be doing plenty of research about the company first.

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