• biscuitlad says:

    Nice. Could you please say what the material was?

    How tall is the piece and why is the castellated part bumpier than the rest?

  • Pete says:

    Hi Kester,
    This was printed in ABS. The bumps on the top of the Rook are probably the nozzle closes, we have control of these now but are still tuning the quantity of material that is coming out. You can see the settings in AutoMaker, they are the last 5 settings under Profile>Nozzles the names are currently (Beta 1.0) a bit obscure.

  • biscuitlad says:

    Hi Pete – that’s interesting. I think many of the wobbly pyramid tops we’ve seen might be down to something similar. Could you post the profile you used on the beta forum please?
    thanks. 🙂

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