CEL is a product design company, Robox® is one of many product we have designed and manufactured. Robox® will allow us to design and test a lot more exciting designs, it already has and its not even finished yet!

These images are of a 3D printed turbine blade and some variations we designed for a prototype product. We printed and tested variations of these turbines and were able to mount them on a shaft and test the performance of each design for comparison. Over 20 designs were tested and the best properties of each were combined to create the best possible solution for this product. Without our Robox® 3D printer we could never have achieved the optimum design without great expense or a lot of time studying the theories of fluid dynamics. In this product we could use our best guesses and test them. By printing in ABS our turbines were ready to use in real world tests with debris and overspeed conditions.



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