spiral_print_robox_vase spiral_print_robox_vase_CU


  • Kester says:

    That’s a great looking print. But how about doing Maker magazine’s torture test print? That would give us a benchmark to compare against. After all, with my cynical cap on I could think that you were only printing things you know are easy…

  • Pete says:

    Agreed Kester, we will do these tests asap. We have been working hard to get the software to a point where we can adjust all the new settings together in a way that makes sense. Until this point we are really just using part of the functionality of Robox, we really want to show off its speed and accuracy but without the extra settings we can only show one at a time using current slic3r versions or spend a lot of time manually setting each parameter and hoping for a good print. As soon as we have the software you will see a lot more printing evidence.

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