High torque extruder needs improved bowden connection

By September 25, 2014Kickstarter, News

We are now at the stage in our project where the Robox has been launched to Kickstarter backers, as well as a few people in the trade, and reviewers. The primary focus over the past few months has been the hardware for the printer, with the most recent improvement being a more powerful and efficient extruder. However, this improvement has led to an unforeseen side-effect of the Bowden tube popping off on a few machines which are already with end users.

The good news is that we have already have a solution; the ‘fix’ is just being prototyped and tested, and we hope that over the next week or so the replacement parts will be produced. These parts will then be sent out to everyone who already owns a Robox to retro-fit. No recall of the product is necessary, and once fitted Robox it will be able to utilize the full power of the extruder. We will send out clear instructions on how to fit the new piece, a simple procedure similar to the steps required to add a 2nd extruder. This change is necessary because of the very high torque levels we are able to move the filament with, a great benefit once we start using difficult materials and an easy backward compatible update. At the beginning of this post is an image showing how the new connector works, the red part in the drawing is inserted into the flexible tube which guides the filament to the head, this is clamped in place by the cover shown in green, the cover screws onto a threaded connector which will go in place of the bowden connector we currently use.

Robox development will continue throughout the product lifetime with improved parts and new features, this means we are fine tuning and making changes all the time. The software is continuously being developed, and the programmers are implementing a new version of the graphical interface, we’ve written the user manual to reflect the newest version of the interface so we didn’t have to write it twice. So as some of our eagle eyed customers have already seen the GUI doesn’t currently match the user manual, but it will soon. We’re really sorry that it hasn’t been possible to have a user manual that reflects the current interface but it soon will and in the meantime please use the link for direction and help http://robox.freshdesk.com. The solutions section of our support portal already has a lot of step by step directions for setup, calibration and troubleshooting but is growing everyday in response to user needs.

Our aim is for Robox to become a community based project; the intention of the machine is to both compete for a place in the 3D printing market, but also to continuously develop, improve and evolve with the feedback from everyday users. We are hoping that anyone who buys a Robox is with us in the long term, and will therefore benefit from all changes as and when we implement them.

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