iPhone 6+ Bumper case

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Its no surprise that we love technology here at CEL UK, and the only thing we love more is integrating 3D printing into our gadgets.

This Robox designed Phone 6+ bumper fits comfortably around your phone and is fastened with 1 M2.5 x 6 bolt to help you easily fit and remove it from your phone.

 The white print is Glow in the Dark PLA, making it extremely easy to find in the dark. The orange print is CEL Highway orange ABS. The black print is printed using Colorfabbs experimental XT-CF20 carbon fiber filament for durability, this was printed as part of a test here at CEL UK, printing with XT-CF20 carbon fiber filament will damage your print head.

Recommended Settings;

Resolution: Fine or Normal
Infill: 5 – 10%
Material: ABS or PLA

If you’re having problems with dimensional accuracy when printing this part, check out our support portal solution here

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