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This is the news everyone has been waiting for… the final batch of Kickstarter units are now on their way to our very patient and loyal backers.

We can confirm that all units are currently being air freighted worldwide from Hong Kong as we speak, which means backers will start receiving their units over the next two weeks.

Shipping times will differ depending on where backers live, but on writing this post we’ve already been made aware of a happy backer in Australia opening their door to a Robox unit this morning.

All we would ask is that if you are expecting your unit, please be extra vigilant looking out for couriers, or delivery notes – we wouldn’t want a Robox to go unaccounted for at this final stage.

We can’t wait for our backers to receive the very first units from the production line – all dressed in limited edition Kickstarter colours and supplied with two taster reels of filament.


Don’t forget this might be the end of the Kickstarter campaign, but it’s only the beginning where the Robox is concerned.  The hardware has reached a point where we’re happy with the build quality and print quality, but there will be constant updates with software which everyone will benefit from automatically.

Please do sign up to the Robox forum as when you are in receipt of your unit we would welcome your feedback and shared print and material profiles.  You can join our community via this link

At times you may also need help using the Robox, so please visit our support portal where we will try to help you with all technical enquiries as quickly as we can

And please continue following both the blog and forum, as we’ll soon be posting details of a new print competition in which ALL Kickstarter backers can participate.

Finally, a massive THANK YOU for sticking with us, and being so patient.  As we’ve tried to communicate, this is a brand new project and so there were bound to be teething problems along the way.  Any delays have been because we’ve tried to ensure you receive units which are as near to perfect as possible.

We hope you enjoy using the Robox, and please do remember all helpful feedback will benefit us all going forwards.

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