Kitronik becomes a Robox Affiliated Reseller

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We are in the very early days of launching our Affiliated Reseller Scheme here at CEL Robox HQ, but already the likes of Stampede, CREAT3D and 3D-Printworld have attended the course and are almost as Robox-savvy as our very own technicians!

Another of our valued customers Kitronik attended the course last week, and they were kind enough to share their experiences on the following blog:

This is their take on the week –

Last week March 9th – 11th, Rhodri and Aaron from the Kitronik team were invited down to CEL headquarters in Portishead, Somerset, to experience first-hand the building process of the CEL Robox RBX-01, so we can pass on the best information to you and be recognised as one of Robox’s affiliated resellers!
To begin the three day course on Monday morning, we were handed a box of parts and told that by Wednesday we would have built our own fully functioning Robox 3D printer to keep. It would have been easy to laugh and walk away but here at Kitronik we like a challenge, especially when there is new technology to play with.
The first stage involved constructing the chassis of the printer casing and the mechanism on which the PEI board moves, immediately providing an insight into how simple and functional each part is, especially when compared to the prototype models also sat in the office.
Not only did we get to look at the full printer, we were also lucky enough to build the extruder and a print head from scratch, meaning we could see each stage of the filament cycle, from Smartreel through to print.
In the image above you can see a printer head that we dismantled to explore further and fully appreciate how small and precise the mechanism is (inside the silver block is even more!). As we found when given some past samples which had severe leakage, it is vital that you take extra care of the head by ‘purging’ excess material through it, ensuring no more is left in the machine to affect future prints.
Alongside building the printer, we also attended sessions on the technical aspects of the Robox RBX-01, so you can be confident that if ever you have an issue with your printer or Automaker software that needs troubleshooting, we are fully prepared to do so with as little hassle as possible; though hopefully you won’t have to encounter any technical issues anyway! As an extra bonus on completion of the course, we even got to keep the affiliate exclusive clear printer that we built, that you can expect to see more of in our forthcoming video tutorials!

To learn more about the Robox RBX-01, it’s capabilities, and why everyone from hobbyists to schools should be considering purchasing, you can head HERE

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