Print using PLA, ABS, HIPS Nylon, PC, PVA

More materials are being added to our line up all the time but you can use filament from any manufacturer, we don't lock you into our filament, we expect you will choose to use our SmartReels anyway.


Robox is able to use materials from any manufacturer but by using our SmartReel system a user can be certain of a consistent and repeatable result which will maintain the tested conditions which our warranty is based on. When you mount a SmartReel onto Robox, the data from the reel is available to AutoMaker. When a print is started AutoMaker will automatically set the printer to use temperature settings for first layer bed temperatures and other minute details which will ultimately effect the finished print. For basic printing no user input is required to get a good result.

Filament information sheets

Download a zip file with all the sheets here or view below. To find a specific material on this page use the search function in your browser.