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RBX_LOW_right_closed_60 High resolution image packs of Robox, accessories and features.


RoboxDual images //

Robox images Transparent .png with shadow // Without shadow

Robox images .jpg with White background // Black background //

Closeup images of features, parts, included accessories and electronics

Robox Lifestyle shots

Filament product images // //

Robox_logo_filled-60 Graphics.

Robox documentation uses the font package

CEL and Robox logo package including .png and .eps files
Robox logo variations in .eps format Robox_logo_variations.eps
Robox logo variations in .pdf format Robox_logo_variations.pdf


Robox YouTube Channel if you need these videos in a format you can host yourself please contact us.

Press Coverage:

Press coverage is compiled regularly, you can see past articles here

Press Release:

2018, June 7th – Launch of an ambitious new UK joint venture challenging established manufacturing methods. Press release: Q5D_Technology_Press_Release_20180605.pdf

made good in the uk

Robox® has been designed and developed in our office in Portishead, UK

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