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We are delighted to announce 3 new services to ensure our existing Robox customers continue to experience the best with their units, by having access to the latest hardware and software without having to lift a finger.

Our priority has always been to try and provide good customer service, and find ways of making the whole 3D printing experience smooth and straight-forward for Robox users. We’re hoping that by introducing these services we’re making another positive step in that direction.

Full System Overhaul Service

The complete system overhaul is for customers who want to benefit from the latest Robox parts and upgrades, without having to do any of the work themselves.

The research and development team at CEL HQ are constantly making improvements, upgrades and tweaks to both the Robox hardware and software to make the printing experience better and better.

Our expert engineers will completely strip your Robox unit back to the bare basics, and assess it for any possible wear and tear or damage. A customised action plan will be created for the unit depending on its requirements, including a bespoke new parts list.

Once our team has installed the latest hardware parts they will conduct a string of tests and ensure everything is running smoothly alongside the latest version of the Automaker™ software. Finally, the unit will be cleaned up and sent back out to you, good as new!

Dual Material Upgrade Service and Full System Overhaul

This package includes everything we’ve detailed above, and more. The service is specifically for those customers who have invested in the brand new dual printing technology, but don’t want to install the new head themselves.

While our research and development team have designed the Dual Material head to be relatively easy to install, we acknowledge that not all of our customers will have the time, or the technical know-how, to carry out the upgrade themselves.

Within a few days our team will ensure your Robox is capable of producing top quality prints with any two materials at a time, but in addition, our expert engineers will also carry out a Full System Overhaul.

1 Year Business / Pro User Contract

Many of our customers rely on the Robox 3D printer to carry out their everyday working lives – and if they experience a technical error, however small, this can obviously affect productivity and deadlines.

To ensure our customers can carry on printing, regardless of what is happening with their machine, we have introduced a service contract for business users, who need the assurance that they will have a working machine within a single working day of reporting a fault.

Anyone who has owned a Robox for less than 6 months can sign up for this service. The key benefit is that if a Robox needs to be sent in-house for servicing, we will send another out immediately from our bank of machines, which means customers will be to printing in no time at all.


To find out more, or to purchase one of these services please visit the Robox Services Page


The key thing to note is that by investing in either of these services, and by sending your Robox in-house for testing and upgrade, you are reducing any risk of damage to the machine, and possible invalidation of your warranty.


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