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Seems we have stirred up some news sites. Thanks to all for reporting about our exciting new 3d printer. Its not just a 3d printer! Keep checking back here or scroll to the bottom to subscribe. Logo

‘Our dream is to see a Robox in every school, office and home worldwide’ – 29th November

This 3D printer on Kickstarter aims for Apple-like simplicity – 22nd November

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Robox is a Robot in a box that’s ‘not just a 3D printer‘ – 21st November 2013

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A 3D Printer With A Difference – 22nd November 2013

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Robox: Budget 3D printer aims to simplify three dimensional printing – 21st November 2013

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The Robox 3D Printer by CEL is a Micro Manufacturing Platform – 2nd December 2013

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Robox: An Accessible Desktop 3D Printer For Everyone – 27th November 2013

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Thinking Outside the Robox – 22nd November 2013

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Robox Dual-Nozzle 3D Printer from CEL – 21st November 2013

Geeky Gadgets

Robox 3D Printer And Desktop Micro-Manufacturing Platform Launches On Kickstarter – 21st November 2013

Robox 3D Printer And Micro-Manufacturing Platform Passes Funding Goal – 29th November 2013

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Robox is a 3D Printer designed for the masses, and much more  – 23rd November 2013

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Robox 3D Printer Aims For Extreme Simplicity But Choice Features – 21st November 2013

3D Printing Industry

Two Heads are Better Than One with Robox Desktop 3D Printer – 5th November 2013

Robox 3D Printer Kicks off on Kickstarter Ahead of CES in January – 22nd November 2013

Introducing Robox dual nozzle 3D printer – 3rd November 2013

CEL introduces Robox 3D printer, a Robot in a box – 21st November 2013

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The Robox Personal 3D Printer – 4th December 2013

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The Robox Micro Manufacturing Platform – 25th November 2013

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Robox 3D Printer and Micro-Manfucturing Platform on Kickstarter – 23rd November 2013

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Get Plug and Play Cool With the Robox 3D Printer On Kickstarter – 22nd November 2013


The CEL Robox Printer Automates the Most Annoying Tasks in 3D Printing – 4th November 2013

CEL Robox, a Simplistic 3D Printer That Doesn’t Sacrifice Anything – 21st November 2013

Angel News

Robox® brings 3D printing to a home near you – 22nd November 2013

Funky Kit HKEF 2013: CEL Robox 3D Printer – 14th October

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CEL Robox 3D Printer – Update: Jetzt auf Kickstarter – 4th November (Updated 21st November) 2013

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CEL’s Robox 3D printer aims to bring 3D printing to the masses – 19th November 2013

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Robox: Budget 3D printer aims to simplify three dimensional printing – 22nd November 2013

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