Out of stock. Robox is being sold faster than we can make them.

By May 4, 2016Stuff and Things

Out of stock! We have no Robox units left in our UK warehouse and have sold units that have not even arrived yet.

In 2-3 weeks another shipment arrives….all of these have sold. In our June shipment there is still around 50% of the stock available.


Until we can catch up with demand you will need to see our resellers page to get a Robox.



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I've been with CEL since Chris' garage was the office and the coffee round was 2 cups. I deal with content creation and keep things running day to day.


  • hagster says:

    Well done CEL, hopefully this success will give you then runway you need to get to the next level. New products, more heads, even better software.

    But wait. Isn’t that a couple of boxes I see squirrelled away under that bench 🙂

  • paulsroom says:

    That’s really good news. I don’t wish to appear jingoistic, but British-made was a selling feature for me. Of course I wanted a printer that could perform well and it does (apart from the occasional glitch). It’s now become my reliable friend (that’s sad isn’t it?)

    • Steve N says:

      CEL being British was a big thing for me too!

      Congratulations on your success – over 18 months in with basically the same product is a great achievement and testament to the soundness of the original design

  • Josh Rigby says:

    Great news,

    Glad we’ve got ours up and running at school.

  • Andy says:

    Fantastic news. I am really glad to read this 🙂

  • FleetfootMike says:

    Glad I got mine 😀

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