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By November 19, 2013News

As the weather begins to cool down outside, things are hotting up inside the CEL-UK office. Word is getting out about our 3D printer, Robox, and it’s starting to create quite a stir.

We love setting Robox to work, either to run tests or to try something new, and recently we have been working flat out, printing a whole load of objects in preparation for some big news that will be coming this week! So keep checking back to keep up to date on what’s happening.

Cups, chess pieces, spiral profile prints, cookie cutters and many more objects have all been coming to life on the printer bed, and it’s really exciting to see! We’re continuously thinking of cool things to print, and Robox is helping us realise those ideas.

We’re so passionate about what we’re doing with Robox, and can’t wait to share it with everyone. However it’s the execution and the detail which is going to make Robox better than its competitors, and that’s why we’re cutting no corners as we forge ahead with development.

In the meantime, the printing and the testing continues, as the excitement surrounding the project continues to build.

Be sure to keep an eye out for the big announcement coming on Thursday 21st!

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  • Kester says:

    Love the chess pieces! I’m guessing those are ABS?

    Were all the prints at the highest quality?

    Looking forward to the announcement tomorrow. 😉

  • Ben Hewlett says:

    Hi Kester!

    Glad you liked them, the chess pieces came out well! Some were printed in ABS, some were PLA, we’re testing loads of different materials at the moment. Similarly, the quality varies as we try different settings and different print profiles. We’re pretty excited too, we will keep you posted on here, on twitter and we will be emailing everyone who has subscribed!

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