Robox DM Locking Ring

By February 5, 2016Design, Printables, Prototype Build

This part is the locking ring which twists onto the dual material reel holder axle to lock it in place. The small black cylinder in the main image above.

On it’s own it is not particularly useful unless you lose yours. This one will print nicely on it’s end. I expect someone will use this model as the basis for a 3rd party reel holder which can be clamped onto Robox. Please link your reworked files in the comments and we will add them to the main post if they are worthy.


Above is printed in Polymaker PCPLUS polycarbonate.

Download .stl here

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  • Dr. Woo says:

    Well, that’s fairly easy: All one has to do is make the axle a bit longer (and perhaps thicker as well, although not necessarily required) and add a little bump/pin at the end to prevent the attached reel from slipping off. I’ll design something as soon as my DM kit finally arrives … after nearly two years since my order 😉

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