Robox on Kickstarter – Day 3

By November 23, 2013News

Nearly there!

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to get a printer way before anyone else and at an excellent price. By pledging your support you will be able to help shape the way this printer is released to the world. We need your help to tune the specification, the software and even the content of the first production pieces.

If you already pledged, THANK YOU! We cant wait to send you a printer so you can see how great Robox is.

If you haven’t already shared our Kickstarter campaign with your friends please do, we need to keep momentum up!

Robox can fit into anyone’s life , business or hobby.

Vintage car enthusiasts – instead of searching for that left front wing mirror cover, PRINT ONE!
Xmas decorations boring? Make your own!
Dog chewed up the end of your laptop charger? Print a replacement!
Super hero party? Print a custom mask that actually fits, and a utility belt with double POW!!!
Train set a bit dull? Add some jumps and a loop the loop!
Key rings, key hangers, key covers, keys!
Custom Lego, dolls house furniture, scale models, rc cars, gifts!
Sculptures, moulds, trinkets, jewelry, hair decorations, fancy nails, tools!
Inventions, architecture, prototypes, medical apparatus, custom sports kit, mechanical parts, profit!

Robox is a tool that will save any design business a lot of time and money, but it can be so much for so many people. The world is changing and Robox will help to make it how you want it.


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