Robox ® launches first dual-material 3D printing head

At last we’re delighted to announce the launch of our dual-material printing head that will allow users to print in two different materials simultaneously for the first time. The new 3D printer head is available for pre-order today to both new and existing customers as an upgrade option.

Loyal customers who pre-ordered the new head months ago will be the first to receive this new technology.

The new 3D printer head retains the same form-factor as the existing Robox head and uses CEL’s proprietary needle-valve system, allowing it to start and stop printing better than any other printer head on the market.

This latest addition to CEL’s market-leading Robox 3D printer means users can print designs that were previously unprintable, as well as creating models using two different colours or even two dissimilar materials.

This also means the Robox can now print a softer scaffold material around a harder material, allowing users to print items with, for example, a small footing or complex designs that would have been previously impossible. Users can therefore print items such as plastic lids with rubber seals, coloured logos, light pipes, flexible watch straps with pins, or axles with bearing surfaces.

Many other printers have lengthy and material wasting processes in place to stop cross infection of materials, but the Robox system shuts off the material flow without the need for wiping, retracting or cooling the heads. The existing nozzle technology prevents ‘ooze’ or ‘stringing’, ensuring speed and quality of the print whether you’re printing in different colours, different materials or both.

The dual-material head uses two completely separate melt chambers and 0.4mm nozzles for optimum balance between speed and accuracy.

Both material reels can be hung on the side of the Robox device, with the addition of a simple adaptor, allowing the printer’s intelligent reel system to still recognise exactly what material it’s working with. This, in combination with the Robox’s closed-feedback loop and dual-pinch wheel extruder system makes sure that each filament is fed to its respective nozzle evenly.

Chris Elsworthy, CEO of CEL, commented: “3D printing has the potential to change the way we design and create products and the launch of our dual-material head means another step change in the complexity of items our users are able to print with Robox.

“We’re really excited to be able to offer this new 3D printer head to our customers and allow them to create new prints they never could have dreamed of 3D printing before! Users will still get all the reliability and quality they have come to expect from a Robox printer, but now with the ability to print in two materials at the same time.”

To hear Chris talk about the dual material head in more detail at this year’s CES show in Las Vegas, watch the video below:

RBX01-DMKitExisting Robox customers can upgrade their printers for £199.00 +P&P.


We’ve also launched a new pair of service options for customers wanting to get their Robox printer checked over and upgraded to the latest specification. These options start at £79.00 +P&P for single material printers and £99.00 +P&P for those that purchase the new dual-material head.

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  • Dr. Woo says:

    „Loyal customers who pre-ordered the new head months ago…“ Well, in my case it’s almost „years“ 🙂 (March 2014). So… shipping when?

    • Pete says:

      We are shipping the first production batch out in small groups. This is to avoid problems if there is a missing or incorrect part in the package. Early pre-orders will be shipped gradually over the next month or so.

  • Cam says:

    Me too! Paid for this years ago. Apparently you have to send in your printer if you want it fitted.
    Not much help to me in NZ sadly. They have said they might allow you to do it yourself if they can get together some resources to show us how to do it, however, it sounds complicated and may not be feasible.
    Totally bummed!

    • Pete says:

      We have a video for fitting this, it takes some time but none of the steps are overly complex.
      The video will be ready to share in the next few days.

  • Edmond Dyogi says:

    “print items such as plastic lids with rubber seals”
    I copied and pasted this from above, does this mean flexible materials can now be used with the new filament drive that comes with this kit?
    I ordered a dual kits last December 22, 2013, 2 years and 2 months now, does that mean I’ll get mine soon?

  • Michael E Walczak says:

    Does anyone know if you be able to use water soluble filament for support structures with the second head?

    • Pete says:

      Yes you will be able to use soluble supports. Although we have found support which peels away to be much more useful, our favorite for PLA is Polysupport from Polymaker. The surface it leaves is excellent.

  • DangerousThing says:

    I ordered mine years ago also. The problem is that this credit card had fraudulent charges on it, and it wasn’t in my account.

    I had given up on the Robox totally because of a major head failure (it leaks filament no matter what I try in calibration, and I got tired of dealing with tech support).

    And now I’ll be moving soon (hopefully) and won’t be able to receive boxes easily (moving into a motor home and traveling wherever the wind blows. But I’d still like it. And if it comes quickly, I might have it before I leave in April for a month traveling abroad, before the motor home arrives. Too bad they can’t be 3d printed. 🙂

  • Mark says:

    Wow I almost forgot about this.. Ordered it so long ago. I have one of the beta Kickstarter units, will I need any upgrades to fit this?

    • Pete says:

      Yes there are several changes, these are included in the DM Kit. If your machine has not had any updates since Kickstarter you may need further upgrades, the support team can help you to find which parts need changing or you can send your Robox to us for upgrades.

  • Shahed says:

    Are the two headers locked to one another or can they move independently of each other? My project involves the additive manufacturing of geometrically asymmetrical shapes, and having two nozzles that can move independently of each other would be extremely beneficial to me

    • Pete says:

      The 2 nozzles are locked to the same XYZ movements but can be presented at different times to the print, the nozzle change time is less than 5 seconds.

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