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We are delighted to announce that for the very first time since its launch back in Autumn 2014, the Robox 3D printer will appear live on the television.

Our very own Chris Elsworthy will be demonstrating the Robox and its capabilities on Ideal World, at 10pm on Tuesday 29th September.

This is an exciting opportunity for the general public to witness 3D printing at its best and understand what Robox offers above its competitors – and why it is so different from any other 3D printer currently on the market.

During the show Chris will show viewers how to use the Robox and how to use the AutoMaker software.

We hope the show will be the perfect platform for Chris to not only raise awareness of the Robox, but also to talk about the possibilities and limitations of 3D printing, and also what can go wrong with it, and why. This will mean discussing suitable materials, how to choose print perfect designs, where to source designs from, and what software is available to download for free.

If you would like to tune into the programme to see the Robox in action you can view Ideal World on any of the following channels: Sky 654, Freeview 22, Virgin Media 747, Freesat 812


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  • Bill Roy says:

    I have obviously posted elsewhere on the forum about the show and that my wife (‘She who must be obeyed’ or otherwise known as ‘The Boss’) bought a Robox from the show, but the reason I am writing here is to compliment Chris and hence CEL on his great easy going manner and willingness not to ‘oversell’ the capabilities of the Robox.

    One of the worst attributes that a presenter for a company can have is where they are at the same time being pushy about the product and also evasive, a combination that immediately alienates me and makes me antagonistic towards the product and company in question. Neither of these negative traits were present in Chris’s presentation, it was a joy to listen to him, and although I don’t wish it upon myself even if our Robox turned up in a thousand pieces I think we would keep our good impression of the company and its staff. (I should also say that the help on this forum from CEL staff also purveys exactly the same company ethos generally.)

    Indeed you might consider doing a series of presented videos to enhance even further the public awareness of the Robox, even include question and answer sections. I realise these would be time consuming and of course require investment of not just time but also money, but it seems to me that they would repay such investment many times over and in a short time.

    Anyway really just wanted to say ‘Well done’. 🙂

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