Welcome to the Robox newsletter! Communication has always been important to us at Robox HQ, but it’s easy to get wrapped up with in-house developments and forget to tell everyone what we’ve been working on.

So from this point forward we’ll be making the effort to communicate with you on a monthly basis about our hardware and software developments, company changes or progress, what’s in the news, staffing updates and so on.

HARDWARE UPDATE – Dual Material Head

A couple of weeks ago we reported on the delay of the dual material head, as we want to be completely transparent about how things are developing. The response from our resellers and end users was overwhelming positive, with most happy to wait for a reliable and tested design.

Progress since this point has been good, tooling for the dual material reel holders is about to start after several rounds of prototypes (which were printed on the Robox of course!).

We have received the first samples of the X-carriage cable and Bowden tube management system. This will improve bed homing and stop larger prints from interfering with the cables. This is especially important as we move to dual material printing as the weight and force that the Bowden tubes apply to the x-carriage may affect the sensitivity of the bed probing. So far things are looking good and tests are well underway.

The design for the Dual Material Head has been approved with both the factory and the designers and a larger sample set is now being made. The manufacturing of these samples will test the new assembly and ensure that the assembly is easy and will be consistent. These heads will then be divided to do a range of tests, including life, functionality, quality of printing and performance testing, and some of them will add in the development of the software.

HARDWARE UPDATE – other developments

Design work has started on a Drag Knife Cutter and plotter pen holder; these are just being finalised before we start preliminary testing.

The extruder has been improved and we have added an additional internal part that allows the printing of flexible materials – early testing is extremely positive and the ability to print flexible parts will expand the possibilities for Robox even further. These changes are relatively minor and upgrade parts will be made available for users to buy and upgrade their extruders, we will also offer an upgrade service as I expect will our affiliated resellers.


We’ve been working hard to incorporate the new features required for dual-material printing. The post-processor has been completely re-written to improve speed, quality and to integrate new dual-material features. You’ll be able to choose which material is used for support or which colour to use for each component. Grouping of objects is being added so that composite dual material objects can be constructed from ordinary single material models. Dual material mode is of course automatically available when a second extruder and dual material head are present.

We’re going to release another version of AutoMaker before that though. Version 1.02.00 is just about to enter beta testing and includes lots of new features to make printing easier. Some of the highlights are:

  • Raft support
  • Filament and Print Profile libraries – a much simpler way of managing print data that can be accessed from any screen
  • Lean, twist and turn model rotation – we’ve retained snap to ground but these controls will help with precise positioning of objects
  • Time, Weight and Cost display – this is automatically calculated for the standard profiles and the currently selected custom profile
  • Undo/Redo of commands
  • Inclusion of the latest version of Slic3r (1.2.8) which is much faster than the old version

We’ve also introduced the first set of UI changes that will simplify and enhance print progress information and have made many small modifications based on suggestions from our users. 1.02.00 is going to be a great upgrade that we’re sure you’ll enjoy.



Affiliated Reseller Scheme

We are delighted to welcome Le Comptoir 3D on board as a registered Affiliated Reseller for CEL Robox in France – visit for more details.

Press coverage

Last month has seen significant coverage appear across 11 international news sites, from the likes of, Tech Digest, 3DPrintNews, Microfabricator, Shiny Shiny and 3DPrintingIndustry.

Our biggest news stories focussed on Robox inventor Chris Elsworthy and his struggle with dyslexia growing up, and how he sees 3D printing as another way to showcase the creative talents of dyslexic children.

We also had great success with our ‘Dad Bod’ story – one of our incredibly talented service technicians designed an up-to-date version of the David’s Michelangelo by giving him a ‘dad bod’ – a nice balance between a beer gut and working out.

This month has already seen some fantastic coverage dropping in, with Education Dive picking up on the educational opportunities presented by 3D printers –

EdSurge illustrates how 3D printers can help dyslexic people –

While Machine Design is a feature on the internals of the Robox – a great read if you want to know how our printer is put together –

Robox Video

We’re tryng to supply our resellers and customers with as much information as possible for the Robox, so have introduced a new video which highlights some of the product’s key USPs, such as the unique HeadLock™ system, AutoMaker™ software, bed-levelling technology, and so on.

To watch the video on our website please visit:

To share the video amongst your own customers please use the following link:

To download the video for yourselves use the following embed:

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”;showinfo=0″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>


Each month we’ll be introducing you to a member of the CEL Technology team – we’re keen for you to get to know us, and feel it’s important that we work together to take the Robox project forwards.

This month we’re featuring TWO key members of the team – TWO because it’s hard to talk about one without the other, as together they founded the CEL name and launched the Robox 3D printer.

Introducing our very own COO Kenneth Tam, who heads up operations in Hong Kong and China, and oversees all internationals sales, and CEO Chris Elsworthy, who heads up operations in the UK and oversees all design and production of the 3D printer and associated products.
Chris  Kenneth

Kenneth and Chris have been business partners for 8 years, after first joining forces to launch the successful POWER8workshop.

Prior to forming CEL the pair had been business acquaintances for a number of years while working for other companies, before a taxi ride together led to Chris sharing his design ideas with Kenneth, who, as an experienced businessman immediately recognised the potential. Further discussions led to a very firm friendship and trust in each other’s capabilities.

Kenneth’s background is in marketing, manufacturing, sales and distribution, while Chris is an inventor and design engineer by trade. Since partnering, the pair have gone on to sell power tools internationally, win awards for their innovation, appear on television shows, and are now trying to secure their place within the 3D printing industry.

Each has a passion for creating innovative items which are fun to use and fulfil a gap in the market.


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CEL Business development director. All things business and media, it's all about the money. Personal motto: fat but fit. Lover of tea, cake, wine and exercise in equal measures.

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  • Don Colley says:

    Great to see your news sheet. Information is always a good thing, and lack of it some times breeds suspicion that things are not all that they seem.
    I am glad to see that the early Robox owners are not being forgotten and will be able to update their printers as things develop.
    It is good to see a UK company going world wide as so often multi-national businesses tend to dominate the market.
    Keep on flying the flag. Robox for ever!!

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