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The CEL Robox is currently undergoing numerous reviews with various different people – ranging from journalists who know very little about 3D printing, to those who have experience road testing new technology.

Needless to say, this is a nerve-racking time for us, expectations of the Robox are high and we are being compared to the likes of Ultimaker and Makerbot on a daily basis – multi million pound corporations which function slightly differently to us (we were working from a garage 6 years ago!).

So every time a review comes out, we click on the link or turn the page with bated breath as we wait to see if the reviewer has had a positive experience.

Largely we’ve had pleasing results so far; since reviewing the printer the journalist on The Register has purchased his own Robox for personal use. A glowing reference if ever we had one.

Others at The Engineer have enjoyed playing with the Robox despite never having touched a 3D printer before and admit that while the technology takes some getting used to it is both educational, fun and good value for money.

However, today’s review, conducted by a community road tester ‘dougw’ via Element 14 had us beaming from ear to ear.

Follow the link below to see why we’re so pleased with our latest critique – essentially it’s a very real, step by step guide to using the Robox:

Very nicely, Doug scores us a whopping 60 out of 60 following his use of the printer:
Element 14 scoring
He also mentions the fact that “since getting the printer running, it has run essentially non-stop for 20 hours on 7 jobs and it will continue for the whole weekend because I have a long backlog of things I want to print, and I can design them faster than I can print them.” which is music to our ears.
Element 14 video grab

Doug also prints some great little models with his Robox, which range from a clear PLA micro to mini adapter for a mobile phone which saves his Christmas day, to tangible 3D badges which he designs himself before printing:
Element 14 badges
There are some great links through the article to projects Doug has completed with his Robox, and he then finally concludes by saying:

The Cel Robox 3D printer is phenomenal. It makes a huge difference in transforming my projects from crude and boring rectangular black boxes into aesthetically attractive and interesting systems. The learning curve is well worthwhile and this machine has been designed to keep it to a minimum. So far I have not had to think about or learn about calibration – I just import an STL file and start printing. As far as cost goes, for most of my work this machine effectively replaces a whole machine shop full of far more expensive equipment. The results are far superior to any other home-made solutions both in aesthetics and functionality, and although the printer can take hours to complete a print, the labour of designing the item is actually less than the labour involved in manually hacking some other enclosure together with appropriate mounting and cutouts (both time-wise and physical effort-wise).

“One general note is that clear PLA is an important material in many applications where lighting effects or internal illumination are desired and it also allows you to see internal hidden fit and tolerance of finished parts.

“If I had known how strong the plastic was and how easy it is to get decent results, a 3D printer would have been much higher on my wishlist. It is already hard to imagine how I could ever get along without a 3D printer. I do dozens of projects every year and this printer will feature in most of them, so stay tuned for future blogs.”

Thank you Doug for a great review….

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