RoboxPRO Specifications
Technology Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF)
Build Size (L x W x H) 210 x 300 x 400 mm
Total Size (L x W x H) Fully enclosed 513 x 508 x 605 mm
Layer Resolutions Custom 50 to 500 microns / 0.05mm to 0.5mm
Presets 100, 200, 300 microns / 0.1 to 0.3mm
Head Compatibility
(3 included)
QuickFill™ – 0.3mm & 0.8 mm – Up to 300°C
DualMaterial™ – 0.4 mm & 0.4 mm – Up to 300°C
SingleX™ – 0.6mm Olsson Ruby nozzle, retraction – Up to 300°C
Other heads – coming soon.
Print Surface Magnetic, interchangeable
Extruders 2 – Flex compatible
Filament Diameter 1.75 mm +/- 0.05 mm
Model Materials ABS, PETG, PC, Nylon, PVOH
Filled materials such as carbon and glass filled when using SingleX head
Support Materials Dissolvable/soluble & break-away
File Types .stl & .obj
Interface Desktop/laptop, mobile & touchscreen
Connectivity Wi-Fi or Ethernet
Safety Air Purification HEPA & active charcoal air filtration system
Movement and temperature controlled locking door with key
Software Bundle Robox® AutoMaker™
Software Compatibility Windows 7+, MacOS X 10.6+
& Ubuntu Linux 12.04+

Create large accurate parts using RoboxPRO

RoboxPRO offers more state of the art features, higher resolution and better business critical reliability than any other  3D printer. The class leading features of Robox have been expanded for use in this industrial behemoth. This 3D printer is capabile of using filled engineering grade materials.

Business users

On site prototyping, simple 3 step workflow, plug and print. Increased productivity will be easy to prove. Creation of high strength structural parts, jigs and fixtures, multi material items or delicate supported structures are easy on RoboxPRO and you will not need big investment or extra staff.

Industrial users

RoboxPRO will increase your productivity, the operator is free to concentrate on other tasks. Reliable function due to good design, complex parts or long print durations are created consistently thanks to constant error checking and automated adaptation. Pause and resume as required.


At any level, Robox can help to demonstrate an idea, prove a theory or inspire a career. Robox will give teachers the confidence to press print and be certain of the result or even to allow students full access to the printer due to inbuilt safety features.

3D print experts

You may have tried the best of the rest, the kit printers, the well known competition of Robox, all of them are using the same technologies. Some do it well, some have good features but none of them have true innovation. These unique features are not limited to the tool-less HeadLock™ system but these heads provide the most visible differences. On our flagship heads the nozzles close, this is unique to Robox 3D printers. Ooze, stringing, retracts, you know these terms, they don’t apply to Robox.

With needle valves, viscous materials will not leak out, dual extrusion printing will not waste material and time doing purges, wipe towers or heating/cooling operations. Robox nozzles lift out of the way when not in use, they don’t drag across the print or get stored away to dribble in the corner.

If you are still manually levelling your bed, you need a Robox. If you wait 10 mins or more for your bed to heat and don’t get to see the first layer, you need a Robox. If your calibration procedure is mysterious and confusing with variable results, you need a Robox. If you are spending more time fiddling with settings and doing test prints than designing and using the results, you should have bought a Robox in the first place. The materials range? Infinite ∞ because Robox will allow you to use any material you want. If you know what you are doing and are prepared to take responsibility, you can feed any 1.75mm filament into Robox.

New SingleX™ Head

Where our smaller Robox is able to print just about everything, RoboxPRO is best suited for large structural parts. Continuing this thinking we wanted to offer users the ability to print with abrasive filled materials such as glass filled nylon and carbon filled materials which can provide better stability during print and other nice features. For this reason RoboxPRO comes as standard with a SingleX head fitted with an Olsson Ruby 0.6mm nozzle. SingleX heads use a standard retract to control flow instead of a valve and have a standard M6 nozzle thread.

RoboxPRO is compatible with all HeadLock™ heads.

Touchscreen and remote access

A built in Mote allows print monitoring and remote access via your local network. Connect via ethernet or wifi on your computer or via a smartphone.

Huge build volume

210 x 300mm print surface with 400mm of build height gives space for very large parts in a single build. This combined with the huge savings in time and consumables provided by the unique material change in our unbeatable DualMaterial head means no wasted material in purge towers and ridiculous dribble bins.

The reels and feed tubes are contained within the volume of the product, not hidden around the back, sticking out the top or ignored in the dimensions.

HEPA Filtration and Safety Features

Replaceable HEPA filters reduce the effect of smell and contamination of your work environment.

With safety features switched on the door will remain locked until the parts inside are stationary and the surface temperatures have dropped to a safe level. There is also a key for easy access and to keep the curious safe.



The optional DryBox filament locker is a perfect match for RoboxPRO and a great addition to any 3D printer. Keep your valuable filament in excellent condition in this humidity controlled lockable cabinet. Filament feeds out of dedicated tubes at the rear and directly into the extruders.


0.3 & 0.8mm valved nozzles with a single material feed.
Perfect for high detail or high speed prints in a huge range of materials.


Two 0.4mm valved nozzles with two material feeds.
Easily the best dual extrusion system, ideal for models needing support structures.


0.6mm Olsson Ruby nozzle with a single retraction feed.
Back to basics to allow the benefits of abrasive materials on Robox platforms.

3 print heads included

RoboxPro is compatible with all HeadLock™ print heads so they are backwards compatible with previous Robox printers. The 3 included heads allow unique benefits and material compatibility far beyond any Robox competitors. No tools are required to change heads, there is a simple thumbwheel behind the head. New heads are in development and will further increase the functions of Robox printers.

Use any material!

There is no manufacturer lock in or hacking required to use practically any 1.75mm filament available. We encourage experimentation by knowledgeable and experienced users and offer advice and tested print profiles via the Robox Community. By enabling the Advanced Mode you can edit the SmartReel profiles and create your own, you can save these to reels or simply feed material in directly from its original reel, just tell AutoMaker what it is via a custom print profile, SmartReel just makes it easier. The warranty terms require that you take responsibility for damage from third party filament. “Filled” filaments which will abrade surfaces are not recommended on some heads.

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