Spit, Polish and Elbow Grease

We are moving forward on production now and the teams’ focus is moving from mechanical improvement to software features and all the systems we need in place before the general public can buy, register and use their Robox.  For long time we’ve tried to blinker ourselves and only work towards a stable mechanical and electronic platform to set a good foundation for the Robox system, but we are now in a position to start looking at the new features, and print quality improvements.

Chris White has been beavering away at the user manual, safety information guide, quick start guide and warranty registration. The links on this download page will go live soon.

Any surface to the bed in just 2 clicks!

Tony has been working on a feature we are all very excited about; the ability to place any face of the model down on the bed with only two clicks. We have had a version of this working before in the office but Tony’s eye for detail has ironed out most of the final bugs and we hope to include this on the next release of AutoMaker.

Chris E and Ian have been focused on improving print quality and are experimenting with and implementing new ways of closing the needle valves without leaving imperfections on the surface of the printed model. We say Chris E has been working, but he’s mostly been playing with Ian’s new code then telling Ian what is wrong and what is right, Ian’s been doing most of the work!  But the good news is we’ve found and removed a few bugs in the process and are starting to dramatically improve print quality. These software changes will be passed internally to our test guys so we can bullet proof them and generate the new print profiles to take full advantage.

Peter is busy still in the forums and support portal talking to our BETA team, helping them where needed and gathering all the user information that’s feeding back into the development of Robox.
My Mini Factory

IMakr are interested in stocking our product and we’ve had a few interesting discussions, but one of the cool things that’s come out of these conversations is the idea that we will integrate their online model parts library MyMiniFactory with AutoMaker. All the models on this site are tested and confirmed to be 3D printable!

The MOST common question we get asked by people who haven’t yet considered 3D Printing to be part of their future is:

“All very nice, but what would I print?”

Well we can easily answer that now, with a library of interesting and useful parts at their finger tips everyone can more easily see how this new technology will be part of the future.

A leading high street retail group has also started talks with us and we are planning to get a Robox demo into their key stores. One day we envisage Robox being sold in place of all those 2D printers, doing all the jobs they did and so much more. This retail group are fighting the fact that a lot of us go online to buy our tech so to draw people back to their stores they are introducing a selection of bleeding edge tech to demo to the public. This fits perfectly with Robox as 3D printing is an amazing process to watch, and no one displays the process better than we do.

Selling Robox to business users will be much easier than the large but very new retail market for 3D printers. There are a few very large industry supply groups servicing the UK and Europe, we have a very exciting contract in place with probably THE BIGGEST of all. Schools, design offices spare parts suppliers, table-top gaming shops and any business which deals with physical objects anywhere between idea and reality will want one of our printers and we are well on the way to having easy and familiar channels to get Robox where it is needed.

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