Stick with it… 3D Printing – Print Bed Coating Materials. Part 1 –

By February 11, 2015Stuff and Things

I’ve just described RichRap to a colleague as “The Man” when it comes to 3D printing knowledge. His blogs and resources are 2nd to none in terms of content and clear descriptions.

He describes himself thus:

“Richard Horne (RichRap) is an Electronics Engineer, Product Designer, Salesman, and Problem Solver working in a wide range of industries and applications, across many platforms and technologies for the last 20 years.”

Rather than copy his blog in here I encourage you to take a look at some of Rich’s reports on different print surfaces, there is a link below. Robox ThermoSurface (PEI) even gets a mention:

“I recently tested out PEI as a (heated) bed material (sample courtesy of Robox) , this is quite expensive but does work very well with almost all existing thermoplastic materials being used for home 3D Printing today. I highly expect many more 3D printer manufacturers to adopt the use of removable PEI sheets as the next generation build platform, for home and consumer machines.”

It is funny to see any of our build parts described as “expensive” considering the price of our plug and play competitors but it is true that our ThermoSurface performs very well.

The link below describes many solutions to sticking prints to the bed, Robox uses ThermoSurface which is a re-usable removeable print surface which does not need any bed coatings, sprays, glues, tapes or even much maintenance. With ThermoSurface you just wipe it down after a few prints using some Isopropyl Alcohol (common IPA). No repairs, no scraping, no glue residues.



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