Technical assembly & fabrication of 3D printers, CNC, electronics, entry level+

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CEL is a 3D printer manufacturer based in Portishead near Bristol. We design and manufacture very highly regarded 3D printers for home and business use.

We need to fill our production line with people who can be described as having some or all of the following:

  • Skilled in assembly and use of hand and power tools.
  • Excited by technology and wanting to learn new skills or build on existing skills.
  • Familiar with basic electronics, soldering, wiring loom assembly.
  • Fabricators with CNC experience.

You may have hobbies in making things from metal and plastics, customising remote control vehicles or building computers or your own 3D printers. You might be trained in electronics or just enjoy taking things apart to see how they work. Experience in factories and production lines will be very useful.

Our 3D printers involve a structure which has been designed here by our engineers. We cut aluminium and plastic parts using large CNC machines and assemble on site. We fit precision linear rails and stepper motors with drive screws to the structure and wire those into various electronic PCBs. Once the machines are assembled we test and verify the motion and functions via a software based test system. We then pack these products up and ship them to our appreciative customers.

All of this happens in a bright, open workspace which is friendly and full of opportunity to learn more skills in design, fabrication and electronics while building very exciting products. We use 3D printers a lot and there are always exciting prototypes and new technology to study, play with and learn from.

The work will involve a balance of fine detailed and larger assembly so will require nimble fingers and the ability to lift the printers. Currently our largest printer is around 17kg when assembled and around 60cm cubed, applicants will need to be able to move these large items at times during assembly. The workspaces are flat floors with wheeled benches of 90cm, much of the work will be standing or sitting on tall chairs but activities will vary throughout the day.

An ideal applicant is someone who wants to learn and grow with our business, who can take instruction for new tasks then manage themselves, repeating and adapting as needed to ensure each task is completed to a high standard in good time. Maintaining component stock levels required to meet production targets is important so you will be organised and attentive. This applicant should be able to efficiently and confidently identify and adjust processes which slow down progress, reduce quality, reliability or safety. You will report directly to the engineering team to ensure output and quality is excellent. The final goal is to make high quality products which customers are proud to own and to improve our own capabilities as designers and manufacturers.

There is a lot of opportunity to grow within CEL, following pathways to business technical support, local and international sales, engineering design and management of any or all parts of our business.

We are very proud of our products and want our team to feel the same.

Typically we work regular office hours. Hoping for full time but this can be negotiated as we have a lot of work and may hire several people into similar roles.

We would like to hear from students who have just finished studies and experienced people who can help us reach our goals. Pay and rewards will vary per experience and will grow with responsibility. You must be eligible to work in the UK, no agencies.

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