The QuickFill comeback

By October 16, 2015Design, Software Updates

QuickFill is currently one of the most underutilized features of the Robox. The idea is that the Fine nozzle prints perfect perimeters, whilst the unseen infill is printed fast using the larger fill nozzle. The original Robox single material head has been designed entirely around this idea, with the ability to quickly switch between the fine and fill nozzles, both being fed the same material from the same extruder.

2 owl

Why was QuickFill removed from the default settings?

The simple answer is that we were not happy with the quality of output from the Robox when QuickFill was enabled. Artifacts being left after the fill nozzle closed meant that the parts didn’t look particularly good at all. It’s always been possible to create a custom QuickFill profile, but we don’t want to create a default that locks people into rubbish prints! With recent changes to the post processor, improved control over the needle valves, and a little bit of Maths thrown in for good measure, we’ve improved print quality and subsequently made QuickFill a viable tool once again.


What are the benefits of QuickFill?

QuickFill can speed up a print without sacrificing quality. If we use Slic3r to create parts, we can utilize a feature called ‘infill every # layers’. This allows for us to only print infill on a specified layer, in most cases, this is every third layer. The amount of time saved can depend entirely on the size of the part, a 25mm (1 inch) cube will take approximately 2hours and 20 minutes using the fine (100 micron) profile and 1 hours 50 minutes using a QuickFill profile combination of fine (100 micron) perimeters with fill nozzle infill every 3 layers. When printing something slightly larger, and more complex, QuickFill really comes into its own. The owl pictured below takes approximately 12 hours and 10 minutes, using the QuickFill profile combination of fine (100 micron) perimeters with fill nozzle infill every 3 layers, the owl only takes 5 hours and 10 minutes!

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When will I be able to select Quickfill in Automaker? Will it replace the default profiles?

We’re hoping to release the QuickFill profiles in an upcoming version of Automaker. We don’t intend to replace the default normal and fine profiles, instead we want to implement a Quickfill on/off slider, much like the Raft and support selections to provide options to those who want them. If you want to help us test our current QuickFill profiles, or you want to create your own, head over to our QuickFill Community Testing page on our forums here.

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  • Dr. Woo says:

    Will QuickFill be only available for Slic3r, or also for Cura? I noticed a dramatic improvement in print quality when you switched from Slic3r to Cura, and even read somewhere that you are about to drop Slic3r entirely. Perhaps you could shed some light on this matter.

  • Simon - CEL says:

    Hi Dr. Woo,

    Quickfill will also be available for Cura, but you loose the benefit of the ‘infill every # layers’ which is a Slic3r only feature, because of this the speed increase is minimal. We have no current intentions of dropping slic3r from our list of slicing engines.


  • Benraay says:


    What about this feature for now ?
    no more Slic3r in automaker !!

    • Pete says:

      Hi Benraay, Slic3r may come back, the door is not closed. Cura is now extending more features which could make this less likely, one of these features is the ability to have have fill produced that is not on the same layer as the perimeters. This can allow the functions described in this article to be used. Integration of this is on hold right now in favour of Root development but should start up again soon.

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