Transformers: 3D printed robots in the skies…

We love reading about the latest trends for 3D printing, as companies strive to invent the coolest gadgets to take the media world by storm.

These stories are brilliant for illustrating just how versatile 3D printing can be, and allow readers to use their own imaginations and dream up their own innovative designs.

Some of the most impressive 3D printed parts have to be the prosthetic limbs which have benefited people all over the world, and even 3D printed human tissue.  Scientists one day hope to be able to create human organs on a 3D printer, and while developments towards this are being made daily, we’re probably a couple of decades away from seeing a 3D printed organ appearing in a hospital operating theatre.

The team at Robox are passionate about 3D printing being used for worthwhile causes, and will soon hope to be instrumental in making human hands along with The Open Hand Project leader Joel Gibbard … watch this space for more info.

amsterdam chair

Other great achievements have been 3D printed furniture which allows homeowners to create a unique living space, 3D printed cars, innovative rocket designs, hand washing devices to solve hygiene problems in Lebanon, hats and clothing, and even story books.

The most recent news comes from BAE scientists who have announced that in 2040 we may see Transformer-style 3D printer drones flying through the skies, after researchers have spent time designing and researching futuristic aircraft technologies.

Read more about developments these experts believe could take place in just 26 years time:

We at Robox certainly love Transformers, so the thought of being able to print and send mini unmanned aircraft into the stratosphere sounds great!

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