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By March 24, 2016Competitions, Robox User Blog

We want to gather some user video content for an upcoming video. Please upload a feedback video on YouTube or similar and post a link in our forum. Obviously we will only use positive video, if we use a part of the video entered in this edit we might send you some free filament. We want good stuff and are prepared to be generous in return.

Responding to questions below is optional but will help a lot. Some repeat but a varied response will be useful. Video entered may be used in our marketing.

  1. Please introduce yourself and respond directly to camera, use short complete answers which refer to the subject in the question; What involvement do you have with Robox?
  2. What do you use Robox for?
  3. How are other people using Robox?
  4. How do you know so much about Robox?
  5. What is the general feeling about Robox from users? Is there something which they are particularly pleased with?
  6. Why would someone choose Robox?
  7. Can you explain the Robox headlock system?
  8. Which features make Robox stand out?
  9. How does Robox change the way you do things?
  10. What type of person or company would use Robox?
  11. Robox development started in 2012; Which part of Robox development or support do you think has made the most difference to Robox for the users you mentioned in the previous question?
  12. Robox was aimed at a wide audience, the intelligent consumer; What is it about Robox which made this successful?
  13. This year we are developing features which will benefit all our users but are specifically for professional users and education; What would make Robox a good choice for these users?
  14. The stylus cutter / pen plotter is in development, please mention this; What would you or the users you speak with like as a future head?
  15. The stylus cutter head can also hold a pen in several orientations; What sort of things can be created with this setup?
  16. What type of user would use this head and what for?
  17. Is there a particular type of user, business or profession which would benefit from this head fitted to a Robox?
  18. What else is in the near future for Robox development?
  19. What is your feeling of 3D printing in general after a year of Robox in the market alongside a big range of competing 3D printers?
  20. How would a user with no knowledge of 3D printing get on with a 3D printer?
  21. How would a user with a lot of 3D printer experience benefit from Robox?
  22. The most common comment about Robox from people who are yet to purchase Robox is the limited build volume. Considering comments from users and a host of 3D printers which have been released since Robox was announced, what is your view on our build volume limitations and the way Robox is used?
  23. How should a user decide which 3D printer is best for them?
  24. What level of experience is required to use Robox, particularly the software?
  25. Tell us about materials, what makes Robox stand out in this respect?
  26. Why is there a pcb on the reel?
  27. Components must effect quality and lifetime, what is Robox made from that makes it better than others?
  28. What is a typical 3D printer warranty? Compare this to Robox.
  29. Say this with some more excitement! “It’s a robot, in a box!”: Why was this printer given this name?
  30. Say this: Desktop factory. Micro-manufacturing platform… Do you have any other descriptive phrases related to Robox?
  31. What are the goals of Robox as a 3D printer? As a micro manufacturing platform?
  32. Related to Robox and 3D printing in general. Tell us about safety and reliability.
  33. As an engineer / designer / artist or user how does Robox change your methods?
  34. Is this just another 3D printer?
  35. Tell us about members of the Robox team.
  36. Robox feature list is extensive, why would a user choose to spend a little more on Robox? Why not get one of the cheap printers? Why not get a bigger printer?
  37. If my budget was larger why would I choose Robox?

Some tips for a successful video:

  • Gaps and pauses are fine, don’t rush. A short answer to the point is much more likely to be used. The whole edited video will be made up of short, relevant responses.
  • Good sound is important, turn off fans where possible and move the microphone close to your mouth, test the sound before starting.
  • More light will improve most video recordings, use the highest resolution possible, the resolution is not critical but we do want to see your face (or an entertaining stand in).
  • Be positive! Be happy! Smile at the start of a response and sit up straight.


  • Pete will decide everything. Pete will have the final say. Pete’s decision will be final unless he changes his mind. No guarantee of compensation, reward, payment or credit is offered, nor will it be provided for any video.
  • Entries must be posted here in our forum with a link but can be uploaded to any video streaming service.

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